Wednesday , June 28 2017
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Is There A Good Or Bad Spirits Around You Now?

            How would you know if a spirit is good or bad? Figuring out whether a spirit is bad or good isn’t something that is clearly stated in any book or by any religious figure. An encounter with a good or bad spirit can invoke all …

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Spirit Of Your Loved Ones Are Knocking At Your Heart

Do you miss your loved ones and sometimes wonder how to communicate with them? Have you had this strange feeling that you're not alone in a room? Do you suddenly remember someone when a breeze of air gave you a goosebumps? We will help you figure it out and answer …

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Development of Mediumship

       A huge part for the development that we had to go through as a medium was getting to know our own minds,  As mediums, it is necessary that we know where our own thoughts end and when spirit impressions begin, and in learning this we have to expand our consciousness to …

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