Sunday , May 15 2022


How to Find the Right Relationship

Finding the right relationship for you seems simple. It seems that way because it is, if you follow a few guidelines. Step One: Know yourself. Having a good sense of self will show in your level of confidence Step Two: Once you know yourself, know what you are looking for. …

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Becoming a Medium

     A large part of helping the psychic power within evolve is getting to know one’s own mind. A medium needs to be aware of where their own thoughts and where the messages from other worlds begin.  If they do not do this self-examination, it is possible to be …

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In the world of extrasensory talents there are a few names and terms that are similar. The various types of mediums , intuitive,  psychic, and spiritual.  These are basically the same. A medium emphasizes talking to those who have crossed over to the afterlife.  There is, however a difference between …

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How To Get The Best Reading From A Psychic Medium

The Way a Psychic Medium Channels Information On the off chance that you are new to psychic readings, you may be somewhat apprehensive or on edge about the occasion; all things considered, from we see on TV and through online networking can make the thought about the soul world reaching …

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Real Psychic Mediums

You may be thinking or curious on what is really a psychic medium. Well it is a human being who has the capability of channeling and can connect to your loved ones who passed away and is already in a spirit world. A real medium can give you a reading, …

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How Mediums Connect with your Spirit Guide

We have all made poor choices in our lives, honed terrible judgment, or believed somebody when we had the inclination not to. That is called through and through freedom and that is the thing that God made us with. Through and through freedom can impede us listening to our soul …

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