Sunday , May 5 2019
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Making Peace With The Dead And Move On

       I’m wondering what is it about dying that turns few people into saints? They could have been an evil person while living—terrible, uncaring, abusive—but the second they have no pulse they become this wonderful person the world won’t be the same without. There is that old adage, …

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Love Beyond Death

      “The love of a half dead heart will keep you half alive”  We all must pass away sometime—but when we lose someone we love, the pain and sadness we experience are very difficult to bear…. It seems like we are just living for the sake of living but …

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How Can You Make Peace With Someone Who Died Already?

         Dealing with a death of a parent can never be easy but processing the mixed emotions and conflicting perceptions is much harder for some people. When a parent’s death is the punctuation point on a lifelong abusive or distant relationship, the so-called five stages of grief can feel …

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