Thursday , May 12 2022

How to Find the Right Relationship

Finding the right relationship for you seems simple. It seems that way because it is, if you follow a few guidelines.

Step One: Know yourself. Having a good sense of self will show in your level of confidence

Step Two: Once you know yourself, know what you are looking for. Do you want the nightlife with clubs and dancing or would you prefer quiet evenings of dining and conversation.

Step Three: Get out. Go to the kind of place you would like to go on a date. Pursue your interests.

Step Four: Allow people to meet you. Don’t be so stand-offish that no one will approach you, even to ask for a straw or matchbook.

Step Five: Give people a chance. Be Friendly and relaxed. This will make it easier for suitors to talk to you

Step Six: Don’t wonder if you are right for them.  Put yourself first.


The most important thing is to cherish yourself  as much as you would like to be cherished.


How to Find the Right Relationship
How to Find the Right Relationship

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