A Loved In Heaven Waves Hello


It is always traumatic when a love one passes on.  It is only natural that we want to reach out to them.   They may actually already be reaching out to us.

It is astonishing to realize that there are several little ways that our loved ones make it known that they are with us.  There are a few common ways our loved ones contact us.  However, our loved one may reach out to us in a way that would only be known to us.  It may be something small, such as picture being moved or something big like a seemingly random text message. The way our loved ones reach out to us is limitless.

It is important to not overthink anything that might be a sign. If you get a feeling that a loved one is reaching out, chances are good that they are!

Did the lights go out?

As stated, our dearly departed like to reach out to us.  One thing that they really like to do is to play with our electronics.  Spirits can manipulate just about anything electric. So if you are watching TV and the channel suddenly changes or lights flicker you may be getting a sign from beyond.  An alarm clock may also go off, even when you haven’t set it.   A radio can also change stations.   It may be concerning to some, but chances are good that you will know what spirit is reaching out to you. If you had a playful relationship with someone and suddenly your electronics are misbehaving, it may just be pranks from the great beyond.

Signs are natural

One of the most common types of communication after death is through signs and symbols.  It’s very personal and the most touching way your loved one can reach out to you.  Some members of the same family have mentioned seeing the same symbol such as a favorite animal or bird.  Some find that seeing the repetition of a number is a sign.  A young man reported being the number 11 whenever he thought of his mother.   Whenever he sees the number or 11 or catches sight of the clock at 11:11, he feels his mother’s presence.

Signs in nature

Loved ones can also gives us a sign by sending a flower or bird that was special to them.  A friend always referenced dragonflies as harbingers of change. Now whenever he sees one he knows that the spirit world is preparing him for something special.  This does not mean that your dearly departed has turned into a bird; you have been sent a bird.

Sometimes a symbol may just something uncommon appearing.  A recently passed loved one asked for his ashes to be sprinkled on a small hill near his home.  A flowering bush that isn’t indigenous to that part of the country is now on that sight.


One of the  most common signs is finding a coin. Several people have reported finding a penny in a strange place.  It is now known that the appearance of a coin is a quick hello from the other side.

Next time you see a coin in an unusual place, look at the date. The date may be significant to you our the loved one.

That rings a bell

Some have reported their doorbell ringing shortly after they have lost someone. When they check, no one is there.  This can be a sign that their loved one has moved on.

Music to your ears.

Sometimes when you are thinking of someone you suddenly hear one of their favorite songs.  This may also be a way that they are reaching out to you.  A sign can also manifest as hearing music when no device is on.  It has been reported that  music has wafted by when a loved one passes.

Whether it be music, bells, a sight or a smell, or loved ones reach out to us all the time. They don’t want to alarm us; they just want us to know that they are part of our lives.