About Us

The loss of a loved one is devastating. Whether it is a spouse, a child, or a close friend, death is never an easy situation to cope with.

After the loss of my mother, I struggled to find a connection to the people and situations around me. Her death caught our whole family by surprise, and it seemed like there would never be a time that I felt comfortable walking into her home and not finding her there. A very important part of my life was gone, and I felt that missing piece acutely.

There’s no getting a person back from the dead, but I struggled to accept the lack of my mother’s presence in my life. Closure isn’t an easy thing to get, and sometimes it can take many years to start feeling normal again. I thought if there was any chance I could hear from her again or find a sign that she was still with me, I would start to feel better.

I have always believed in a spiritual world, even though there are many mysteries and occurrences that I cannot explain. After my mother’s death I was searching for meaning and clarity and found myself becoming more and more interested in the idea of getting in touch with her.

I went to my first medium, fully prepared to be disappointed. However, my appointment with this medium brought me peace as she connected with the energy of my mother in the spiritual world. I was able to grieve and find a level of acceptance as my questions were answered and my mind found a kind of peace about her passing.

Everyone grieves and deals with death differently, but I wanted to create a place where others could come in order to process the death of a loved one in a supportive environment. Unfortunately, the passing of a person who is special to you can leave you disoriented and vulnerable to scammers and frauds. Too many people are taken advantage of by scammers who promise a connection to the lost loved one, but who are just looking to swindle you out of your time and money.

My name is Cora Walter, and I created this website so that people could learn more about mediums and how they can be beneficial in your life. I have put together a database of talented and genuine mediums with reviews, recommendations, and ratings so that you can choose the person who can best connect you with the spiritual world.