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How to Fix Your Haunted House

images-1      Home is where you lay your head… unless your house has unwanted spiritual guests wandering about. Then, home can be a space of stress and negative energy. But how do you know if that one room that’s always cold has a ghost or just drafty windows? Let’s talk about how to tell if your house is haunted.

Ghosts and Spirits

When someone dies, their spirit is left behind. When they don’t pass on to the next plane, they stay here with us, manifesting their presence in different ways. Ghosts often linger in places that were important to the person in life, like the family home or their deathbed.

Is your house haunted?

It can be difficult to tell whether your house is haunted or just old and creaky. Here are some common signs to look for:

  • Sounds with no apparent source, like music, voices, footsteps, or singing.
  • Smells when the source is not present. Think perfumes, foods, cigars, and flowers.
  • Feeling suddenly cold, or like you’re not alone in the room. You may also feel contact when there is nothing visible touching you.
  • Seeing moving shadows or unexplained lights can be apparitions moving about.
  • Foot or handprints appearing, often on bedsheets.
  • Doors or other objects moving around in your house.
  • Young children tend to have an innate ability to see ghosts. Your toddlers imaginary friend may not be so imaginary.
  • Animals also tend to be tuned into supernatural presences as well. Any odd behavior from your pet, particularly directed at something unseen, can be a sign of a haunting.


Every sign is not always indicative of a ghost presence in your home. If some tragic event has occurred there in the past, you may be dealing with the residual energies from that event.

What can you do now?

You are not powerless against the unexplained phenomena happening in your home. There are some basic steps you can take if you suspect your house is haunted.

  1. Double check these occurrences and make sure there are no other reasonable explanations for them.
  2. Ask family members if they are observing the same things you are. Multiple witnesses offers more support to your suspicions.
  3. Start a journal tracking the paranormal events. You may notice patterns in location, time of day, or type of activity.
  4. Call a psychic medium to come investigate.

What can a Psychic Medium do?

A psychic medium has honed their skills to tune into the energies in your home and determine whether the presence you sense is real. They can decipher if it is residual energy from past events or a ghost with unfinished business. In either case, a medium can communicate with the spirit to learn it’s motivations and help it find the peace to move on.

Ghosts don’t usually have bad intentions when they stick around this physical realm. They often just need a little help to find their way home. For your own peace of mind, consult a medium when you suspect paranormal energy is present in your home.

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