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Becoming a Medium

     meduimA large part of helping the psychic power within evolve is getting to know one’s own mind. A medium needs to be aware of where their own thoughts and where the messages from other worlds begin.  If they do not do this self-examination, it is possible to be confused by   the impressions from the spirit world.

Mediums have to learn to let go and be still. This process takes a while to learn and to get used to. They have to consciously work on reducing the activity of their mind as they observe the universe from within themselves.

This requires several months of deep meditation and thought.  It can make the medium mentally and emotionally exhausted.

After they finish a day of this practice they review their thoughts and try to organize the into a message.  Through this examination they have to find when the messages began coming in.  The messages usually appear when the medium stops trying and starts receiving.


They must maintain a large level of dedication and effort to the practice so they can experience the evolution of their powers. Self examination helps them remove any personal bias they may have.  They must detach themselves from their own thoughts.  This, in and of itself requires a lot of discipline.

Some mediums say that the feelings they have when they receive a message from the spirit world are indescribable. They say it is in their still silent moments that the message just appears.

There are some things that people ask about what goes on the medium’s mind:

  • They get messages constantly. This is not true because a talented medium can detach and shut off.
  • film_-_spirit_worldMediums can see the future. A medium generally views the present to best advise their client. They can also look into the past as they consult the dearly departed.
  • A medium is always calm and quiet. Mediums can detach and become quiet when necessary
  • Mediums have a higher intellect than everyone else. Mediums are trained to be open to spirits. They do not necessarily have a higher level of intelligence.
  • Mediums have to be vigilant so they do not become possessed.

While mediums keep their minds open to receive messages, there is not a cadre of evil spirits lining up to talk to one.

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