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Mediumship Messages that Matter

Mediumship Messages that MatterSometimes after people die, a loved one wants to make sure that their Spirit has transformed to the Spirit realm.  When a mediumship reading happens, it shows evidence that the loved ones are communicating with the other side.  This can include possessions or jewelry that the loved one left behind and things that they enjoyed while living.  This can also include personal information such as their date of birth or when they passed away.

It is important to help the psychic to create a special time when connecting with your loved one and this can mean that there is a lot of information that you will hear in a short time and sometimes the loved one wants to leave the world by leaving you good advice or something about the future.

When mediumship clients worry that they didn’t get a chance to say goodbye or didn’t get to tell their loved one how much they loved them, then they will be curious about what their loved one wants to say to them and how they want to speak to them.

If there was conflict before death, they want to tell their loved one about it and sometimes the medium can give advice on this.  Most of the time, the loved one that passed just wants there to be peace and them to know that they love them.

Material things that they had on Earth are usually of no interest to the ones that passed away.  They have moved from this world to the spirit world and they just want us to know that they are okay, and their family will be okay.  What they usually want is to have more spiritual growth and this is important for everyone.

Sometimes when a medium is doing a reading, the deceased loved one will come through and just say his name or her name or what they are feeling.  They will share a little information that the medium can share with the person getting the reading.

Most of the time, as a medium, they will try to give these messages with more emotion and help the person to be able to understand and to help them to feel happy and to begin healing.

There is a prayer called the forgiveness prayer that is an ancient Hawaiian prayer called, Ho’oponopono that asks us to say an apology to people that we have done wrong and to forgive those that have hurt us.  Sometimes a medium will say this prayer and it can be very powerful and help with pain and suffering.

This prayer is connected to our ancestors and can send a message to the loved ones and help us to carry on the bloodline without forgetting about unconditional love.

When you get a sign from a loved one that comes through a psychic or a medium, pay attention to what the message means and it could change your ideas and your life.

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