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Losing a Loved One: How to Keep Going

images (7)We all live knowing that one day, we will die. Despite this, grief takes on a whole new meaning when we lose someone we love. When the death is someone close to us, like a spouse, parent, or sibling, grief hits hard. The process of grieving takes us through a range of emotions. From sadness and shock to depression and confusion. But we have to move through these feelings and get to a point where we can remember that loved one in a positive light. It takes a bit of spiritual growth for us to find peace with this major loss.There is no right or wrong way to feel your loss. Today, we’ll talk about some strategies that may help you work through your grief and emerge on the other side.

Be Thankful They Were Here

This person held an important place in your life. Honor and appreciate that. Look fondly on all the memories you made with your lost loved one, and reflect on the love they returned to you. Consider writing a diary of your memories with this person, and how those experiences have shaped you in a positive way. They are gone, but they are not forgotten.

Accept the Things Left Unsaid

86977b54ace01b026c3d84762c4207f5We are never ready to lose a loved one. Chances are, you feel like something was left unsaid or undone, and now you regret that your relationship was unfinished. You have to forgive yourself for all of these unfinished things. You have to forgive them for the sense of abandonment you suddenly feel in their absence.

Look For Signs that They’re Still With You

Don’t think that just because your loved one is no longer alive, that they are no longer with you. When someone transitions to the afterlife, their spirit is still here. That connection of love between you gives them a way to reach out to you. They may visit you in your dreams or send a butterfly to visit you in the park. Rest assured that their spirit is still with you.

Realize Death is a New Beginning

Let Go to Move ForwardRecognize that having a sibling or spouse leave this life, is not just the end of your time together. It is also a new beginning for you as you continue your life. The death of someone close tends to make us reflect inward a little deeper than usual. You may come to some new realizations about yourself as a result of this new and heightened consciousness. As you have these revelations, feel yourself being reborn into a new chapter.

It is understandable that you are hesitant to let go. It seems like that belittles the memory of the person you loved who is gone. But letting go does NOT mean forgetting someone who meant so much to you. When we talk about letting go, we mean letting go of the future you saw with this person together that will no longer come to pass. It is difficult, but it is necessary. You need this in order to set your new direction forward. When you do this, you give your soul and theirs peace and permission to move on. Encourage their spirit to move on by doing so yourself.

Lean on Each Other

Signs-That-a-Deceased-Loved-One-is-NearbyWere you the only one who loved your recently deceased family member? Probably not. A death often brings together people who haven’t seen each other in a long time. Everyone loves and misses the late loved one, but how often do we support each other after the funeral is over? Instead of coping on your own, lean on others who understand your loss better than anyone else, because they feel it too. Honor your loved one’s memory together.

Do Something in Their Memory

Are you particularly expressive or creative? Do something to memorialize your loved one and spread their light. You could write a poem or a paint a scene. You could contribute to an organization that supports the values they displayed. Whatever you do contributes positively to their legacy. Your loved one is gone, but not forgotten.

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