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  1. Thanks for all of your wonderful insights and help!!

  2. Very compassionate and understanding. Extremely helpful.

  3. You very inspiring Hasper

  4. GiftedMary, a very confident member of the PsychicOz family. She shoots from the him with her thoughts on your situation. No sugar coating.

  5. Thank you, Spri506!!

  6. Gotta love my LoveTiffany!! 2000 stars!!

  7. Wow thanks lady Thulla.

  8. Thank u PsychicKim1!!

  9. ” AdvisorLilly,she very comforting, always cares about her customer
    and tries hard to help and give u accurate answers
    but comfort”

  10. Thanks Lucas!!Always very helpful and sweet!

  11. Thank you Harmony1111. great call

  12. Love ya!!! Ur the best!!Thank you Aldwyn.

  13. ” Seer2020 ,Always powerful, brilliant, and fast!!! Her readings have always
    been true for me.”

  14. “Thanks again Poncie for another excellent psychic

  15. “GiftedMary has been marvelous in helping me navigate the subtleties and nuances
    of a developing relationship…. my sweet-heart often keeps her feelings to
    herself, and GiftedMary’s qualities as an empath and clairvoyant have helped me
    enormously in both understanding my sweetie’s perspective and in helping
    me keep my own clarity and balance.
    I deeply value GiftedMary’s compassion, her straightforward style, her clarity as a
    reader, and her professionalism. She never wastes my time or money with
    too much information. And her rates are a bargain, considering her capacity.”

  16. Charmaine Esquilla

    Jean amazingly nailed someone’s core energy as in wanting to have multiple projects all the time and also the inability to socialize. She also very acutely saw a sense of escapism which is mind blowing. I mean no prompts were given at all. These are not common tendencies yet she nailed them. WOW!!!

  17. I was very happy with this reading. It felt like she was right infront of me and looking at me. Its like she could see and feel what i was going thru at the moment. I felt much better after the reading with TrueWisdom. Would of really loved it if I could understand better some of her texts. At times when she would say they I didnt know who she was referring to.

  18. Clarice Momsen

    One thing TrueWisdom does not do is tell you just what you want to hear LOL. She is spot on and for the past 2 years has called it all. She called certain locations for someone that have come to pass and she was dead on, actually picks up on things for others around me that happen at the time I am telling them what is going to happen and they are texting me as it is happening. She is truly a gifted reader and actually cares about her clients. I don’t know what I would do without her and for me one thing has to come to pass and I keep praying on it. Love You to the moon and back TrueWisdom! xoxoxoxox

  19. Excellent Madison. I had only 10 min, but got it all. She is amazing tuning in- on a chat? Im impressed…Thank you so much.

  20. I Know She is a True Psychic Medium. Poncie kept wanting to cry because the spirit was so strong. Told me what my passed away loved one wanted me to do to help me with his children.

  21. Thanks as always Catalina coming together as you said you told me this would be a beautiful transition period and you also keep him freaked out about the time, he got a text at 2 59 lol you had a 2 and a 5. I will keep you posted thank you as always love you bunches!

  22. I have no words for Catalina other than she is amazing…I am speechless …she is amazing everything is coming to pass as she said every little detail she picks up on…she has been with me on this journey for quite sometime and honestly I don’t know what I would do without her.

  23. “Excellent reading, CaloosaWolf saw exactly what was going on without asking a question, she is truly gifted, it’s amazing.
    I have never seen a psychic like her before. She deserve way more than five stars.”

  24. I enjoyed my session with Nadia. My session was cut short due to a connection issue. I wish I would have been able to continue my session. I thought she was great and the whole past life thing was interesting.

  25. Good reading and is good reader, Aris, im waiting for predictions to come pass but never know because of free will.

  26. I just want to thank Nadia. Not only did her predication come through from May to July but she also predicted several other specific happenings this week in terms of actual events and behaviors. Even when I am feeling in despair and mad at the world, she is patient and guides me. Thank you and I am sorry if at times I don’t make sense or seem to repeat myself. I feel like at points I am just so down its all I can do. However, you and spirit have improved my outlook immensely and even when I am not understanding Spirit or angry with mankind’s action, you give true and kind insights that always come to fruition. Thank you for being my friend and forever accepting me even when I am dealing with my worst.

  27. My first time using this site and i was lucky enough to use GiftedGeorge, found his spot on with the situation and extremely accurate for current and future …thank you.

  28. Robin continues to keep me grounded and not doing anything to change the dynamics of a particular situation that has been going on for more than a year. I appreciate her candidness and her ability to see the big picture. It has kept me from walking away from something that RObin insists I should hold on for.

  29. I almost didn’t do the chat because I really wanted to call, but I felt it was important to have the conversation now. Veronica completely understood the situation – was answering questions before I asked – and gave me some GREAT tips on energy work that will help with this situation and others. So refreshing to get really useful information.

  30. Super Awesome..Excellent reading. She is very compassionate and is genuinely concerned about your well being. Her reading is in line with other top psychics on PS. Thanks Kim, you are truly awesome.

  31. Thank you as always Serenity, feeling better now:) and there are so many times i want to hide but LOL i cant hahaha too much crap to do Love you..Keep you posted 🙂 xoxoxoxoxo

  32. GiftedGeorge was very accurate in the end. Some things ok and it was all spectacular. Good luck. Nice guy.

  33. Missj’s very detailed and accurate about current situation.

  34. What a true gem on this site! INtuitiveAlex has great energy and is so detailed and spot on. I can call him one of my top 3 for sure.

  35. I connected so much with Madison online but I only could afford 13 min. We were just getting started it felt like. I was so upset when my time ended. I will definitely save her for a time when I have more money.

  36. Serenity, you’re right as there’s still no word from Brandy and it’s almost the middle of July. She keeps posting things on social media like she’s not planning on going anywhere. Sad but i have to accept it. Thanks for being honest.

  37. Fiona, it is such a delight to talk to you – thank you so much for all you shared. I will update as things progress! Such a great reader!

  38. Always a pleasure and a great person great at what Robin does! 🙂

  39. Amazing!!! It was so excellent. My money didnt go to waste with Lenard.

  40. I will definitely be back for more reading:) IntuitAlex really helped me to connect with my bestfriend who passed away.

  41. Thank you very much for chatting with me it was awesome. Serenity is such a big help.

  42. Thank you so much Subrina! She makes you feel at peace when speaking to her. I can sense how genuine she is, she really wants to help and guide us all to where we want/need to be. I will update this review once all has come to fruition.

  43. MissTula, thank you so much. You are the best. You are so kind, upbeat, and understanding. You were accurate with the things you picked up on my situation.

  44. Zylisaa, thank you for listening and being so kind, compassionate, authentic and encouraging in a time when I needed it!????A+++++ Highly recommend!!!!!!

  45. Valentina Zevallos

    Andrea is great very direct and logical. Love her as she’s very accurate.

  46. Justice Coronzia

    She is the best, try to talk to her only. Thank you for making me think for myself and grow and survive as I should!

  47. Tracie Callahan

    Mindy was very kind, helpful and easy to talk to during my reading. Gave me some good advice which i will try to work on it myself, and hopefully can share the nice outcome as she predicted with her in another chat one day in the future.

  48. Great energy! I connected with Andrea immediately 🙂 Just love her!!! Thank you so much for your comforting words & prediction 🙂

  49. Melissa Dockstader


  50. Alyssa Gonzalez

    Dustin was the best reader I’ve had in years! —I’ve been going through a hard transition for the last 6 years, but in the last 2 years, been trying to make my way out of the darkness. He’s sincere!

  51. Really enjoy the readings I have had with Dustin. I will be back to update you on how things are going 🙂

  52. She is amazing! So caring and accurate! I definitely recommend Solutions.

  53. Fiona is the best. She put my mind so at ease. She told me to pray to the the angel. I do that at least 3 times a day.

  54. Great experience! MissTula is excellent and what she shared was extremely valuable!!!

  55. As always, stuck to her readings, and general timeline. Jenny ended up being correct as usual 🙂

  56. Charles Kirkland

    Your amazing, kind, spiritual and someone I trust and admire. No one gets time lines right all the time but all you have seen is happening and I know the rest is coming when it’s suppose to!

    XOXO Ginnie!

  57. Ralph Hernandez

    I will be back for more of IntuitAlex. Dear IntuitAlex, thank you for your genuine support. You are simply an amazing being; gifted, wise, honest and compassionate, and so much more….your accuracy is unbelievable!

  58. Wow, mind blowing! My first reading with Subrina and she saw my situation spot on as soon as we got connected. I was depressed with overall situation but her positive energy made me feel it was ok to be myself and going with the flow will naturally lead me to where things should be. Will see how things unfold… Thank you Subrina for great reading!

  59. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Julia. She was direct, honest and to the point. Her calm nature made me at ease and helped me to open up. Her advice was productive and realistic. I highly recommend her.

  60. Robin’s perception on future events are accurate. She’s really gifted.

  61. Emma has been one of my go-to advisers. I hope one day I can come back and update her on the good news should it ever pan out in the manner she predicted.

  62. Tula’s wonderful compassionate reader. I’ve only read with her for a short while and she has seen things in my life that have already happened. She connected with me and my life and the people in it readily. She’s helping me to be brave. Very accurate. Love her.

  63. Tula is my touchstone who can pull me out of my internal madness that I get into sometimes. I dearly love you!

  64. I had a great reading and i wasn’t disappointed. I am waiting for predictions to unfold but she’s good. Beth’s so spot on. Call her now.

  65. I wish I could talk to Robin every day. She’s light light for a dark tunnel.

  66. Shannon McCombes

    Zylisaa is always right on point as always, so honest and refreshing to talk to!! If you have not called her yet you need to!!

  67. Wow!!! Martha is good & gifted. She Picked up on so much with details. She said things that she couldn’t have known. I will definitely call her again.

  68. Martha is direct and tells you how it is, not how you would like it to be. She is great. On our first call she read the person spot on and even told me there sign and that a celebration was happening (which was true). She is the real deal.

  69. Amazing! Thank you Katerena! I hope to be back in touch soon, take care.

  70. A pleasure as always, so insightful & kind. Always a good call with Angelica.

  71. Michelle Brewington

    Just truly gifted, what else can you say about her!!! God bless you, Robin – you deserve a hundred shining stars!

  72. My head is just swimming… I PRAY so hard that you are correct! I will definitely call you back Eduardo.

  73. One of the best!!!! Angelica does see it progressing forward from then and for me to give him one more chance.

  74. I feel very lucky to have spoken with Katerena, she is truly a genuine psychic. Will speak with her again!

  75. If you are new to this website i suggest to try her. She is on point and wont be wasting your time at all. She is so honest and non-judgemental.

  76. He gave me the reading straight to the point without beating around the bush. Thanks.

  77. Montgomery Shugart

    I really appreciate your time and your gift. Again thank you!

  78. Vanessa is gifted beyond measure and she is super sweet. She has helped me navigate some rough waters and still stay afloat unscathed. I love this wonderful lady her kindness and gift are amazing!!!

  79. Absolutely amazing. I highly recommend Liam for anyone who needs insight on their issues.

  80. Robin has been right all the time. I have been getting readings from her for about 10 months. She is great.

  81. Thank you so much for all your patience and giving me peace of mind Alex… You were so right about him running the errands yesterday.. XOXO

  82. I check in with Shemere around every 3 to 6 months. As always, she is spot on. She broadcasts compassion and positive vibes like no other. And her insights (in the past) have been extremely accurate. I look forward to the future with what she shared with me in this reading.

  83. Excellent and now I am waiting for things to come this week! I am so thankful for all your encouraging words. I feel better now Tula.

  84. Teresa, you are amazing and so gifted! I’m so blown away on how much you picked up in just minutes without me telling you. The accuracy is 110% on point. Can’t wait to talk again soon to finish our chat!

  85. Dolly, so sorry I didnt get to thank you before we got cut off. Thank you for the comfort you bring, the compassion and your gentle guidance. Dolly, you are awesome!

  86. Brandy, as usual our reading was great. Every time I talk to you, it’s almost like I’m talking to my mother ( me and my mom are pretty close) someone knowledgeable and knows what I’m going through. I’m so happy I have you on this journey of self discovery. You’re amazing.

  87. Always supportive, honest, and a pleasure to talk with. Lola, you have no idea how much you have helped to keep me from drowning underneath this mess.

  88. They set the wedding day:( I just found that they created wedding website a couple days ago, with all the info 🙁 I’m devastated Robin. You were right all along.

  89. Predictions came true Sita!!! We spoke before… you said they would have a HUGE fight in 2 weeks, and end their relationship! Spot on correct!

  90. It was so nice speaking with you Zylisaa! So pleasant, upbeat and had a delightful energy about her. Even though we weren’t discussing happy things she seemed to just radiate with a glow of happiness about her over the phone that was contagious. It was all in her delivery that made me feel okay about the situation. Robin knew before I even said or asked anything. She was fantastic. Yes, I would call her back in the future. Thank you for your assistance Zylisaa!

  91. Helen is wonderful and sweet and was very accurate of my present situation and feelings involved. I like her a lot.

  92. Well, a lot of what you said would happen did happen. Thank you Jade.

  93. Anne is wonderful – I look forward to speaking with her again!

  94. Amazingly accurate without any info from me. I appreciate honesty, and she doesn’t sugarcoat. Alex, you’re the real deal… I’ll be back. Thank you!

  95. Georgina, it was a very pleasant surprise to speak with you today. I’ll be in a place where I can freely chat with you. I’m at my wits end, with his lack of initiative to call me, not sure if that will change but right now, I am questioning everything and am tempted to walk away… Hope to chat with you soon 🙂

  96. Danielle Stevens

    Carmela can see whats going on with me. Carmela has never let me down in all the years i have been talking to her. I will call you back to let you know…

  97. Annalyn Mallari

    Ginnie was very easy to talk to. I am just hoping her prediction comes true.

  98. Brandy is an excellent reader. My first reading with her earlier this year she saw things that were impossible for her to know. My last reading with her was spot on including a date that I would hear back from someone dear. She sees my situation very clearly and her predictions are coming to pass. Thank you Brandy, my New World is getting better than before because of your guidance.

  99. Gabrielle was friendly and straight to the point. Very detailed with guidance.

  100. For a while now for me, insofar as guidance and direction go, first there is God, then there is Cindy. Outside of her prodigious gift as a psychic, she has such an emotional depth, a purity of being that illuminates, connects, and finally and unfailingly heals like no one else. I love Cindy to pieces, so grateful she is in my world.

  101. Tula really knows what she says. Worth the wait in line for. If I could talk to her everyday I would. She is an amazing woman. Thank you Tula. I will always call you before anyone else.

  102. Gabrielle, is a saint, what she and her guides predict always come true. So far in all the thousands of readings that I have seen, Gabrielle seems to be incredibly accurate. So I will await my dreams to come true this summer.

  103. Hi Ricardo, you were right when you said phone calls might begin sooner! Whenever I start losing hope I remember your words, Thank you so much for keeping my spirits from drowning Ricardo!

  104. My sweet sweet Stella… There is no words to describe how gifted and caring this woman is. She is just the best psychic ever. She is just so precise and right on spot. If they would have 20 star rating possibility, i would have given her 20 stars.

  105. Sita is fantastic! She answered questions before I could even ask them! So insightful. Thank You!

  106. Alberta Jarvis

    Alex has not just the gift of sight but the gift of healing. His voice, his demeanor, everything about him just soothes and makes better. I just adore him!

  107. Love her. Sena has helped me through a difficult relationship. She truly has great compassion for her readers.

  108. Savanna, I have one more message from R. Thank you so much.

  109. Ginnie seemed very in-tune with me. She was kind and considerate. I came away with confidence that she knew what she was talking about (confidence in her abilities). Thank you Ginnie.

  110. Thanks for your encouraging and timely prediction, Brandy. I can’t wait to read mine every morning.

  111. Sita, you are the best. You’re on point with everything and I cant thank you enough.

  112. Charlie Siqueiros

    Wow she is special. I just started talking to her and she was able to answer my questions without me even asking. I feel like I have made a new friend with Ginnie. Thank you so much for all your advice Ginnie.

  113. Tamara Shaughnessy

    Ricardo, you are such a beautiful, strong energy. I cannot thank you enough for all of our work… I know that all will happen, as it is already happening. I am so grateful to you for helping me be true to what I already know deep within. You are magnificent, Ricardo!

  114. Benjamin is non-judgmental and he’s very honest. He wont beat around the bush and will tell you right away what’s happening.

  115. Shelly is lovely person and down to earth. I would recommend her highly.

  116. What makes a reading good? Is it someone telling you everything you want to hear and you hang up and say “THAT WAS GREAT”? NO!! it’s the ones that know their stuff and tell it like it is whether you like it or not. I love Robin for that. I don’t rate a reading until I see results and Robin- you’re results have been amazing.

  117. I don’t know how I can repay you, you’ve done so much for me and my husband, you know who lol! You’ve played a big part and so much to my life and with my relationship, that I cry with tears of joy. Thank you so much Robin.

  118. Excellent as always. You were right about a disappointment in this month regarding the job offer. I jumped the gun and turned the offer down then realized I shouldn’t. I called them back and he said he’ll get back to me by Sunday. You did say to delay anything till after 2 months. You see it still going through. You’re the most accurate so far, Ginnie!

  119. Thanks!! Christopher is top notch! I love his style of reading. He sees things into the future like no other.

  120. Eva, it was good speaking with you again! Will call again soon!

  121. Luke is the real deal. I am blown away! I love you Luke. You gave me hope, truth and faith! No fairy tales!

  122. I had another wonderful reading with Mary. What happened did happen. I trust Mary implicitly…

  123. Sita provides a detailed astrological view of your situation and adds to it with her insight. I’ve found her to be incredibly accurate. Sita is down to earth and fun to work with.

  124. It is so great to be able to talk to you. Debbie, you have always given me true readings! I love your positive energy and outlook. You help me see things that I tend not to see. You are truly so sweet and caring, its unbelievable! It is so hard to get you, but it is extremely worth it!

  125. Hey, it’s Luciana! I tried and tried again to call you but couldn’t get through…we got disconnected!! I will try to call you Monday. Thank you so much, Nicholas. You’re the best so far.

  126. Anthony, you are truly my guardian angel. I would talk to you all day if I wouldn’t go broke, LOL! Thank you so much for your gifts and advice!

  127. Hi Robin– It’s Vickey from Los Angeles. I’m so glad I finally got a hold of you! Thank you for your insights and we shall see if the ex returns as you predicted.. so far you have been right on with the timeframes which I love! It’s so hard to find precise readers such as yourself… Remember me when I phone next time if I can get ahold of you..

  128. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. Debra, your intuition is spot on and I’m going to keep you updated on everything. You’re awesome!

  129. Chantal Georgopoulos

    Thank you again, Tammy. Really great at picking up word tracks again. Amazing how she can connect into people.

  130. Michelle Savenelli

    Donovan reads things just as they are. He’s very straightforward. Makes you think and look at reality. Good reading.

  131. Always there when I need you, even before I realize I need you, Maria!

  132. Melissa was very informative and told me things that I needed to hear. She was gentle but firm. She was on point with many aspects of the issue I’m dealing with right now. Will definitely have a follow up reading.

  133. Definitely right on the fights over there as well as the financial instability. Ron, thank you again as always and for teaching me about the crystal grids.

  134. Ginnie, thank you for a wonderful connection and helpful information. Unfortunately we got cut off.

  135. Tammy, thank you for the insight. I felt better after our talk.

  136. Dee is very accurate with her interpretation of the matter! She’s a really realistic person who shows great character with other people/person’s! Wishing her the best in her career!

  137. Maya was on point when it came to my situation. She was kind and gentle with her approach.

  138. Tuned in immediately! Excellent! I will call Carol again.

  139. Jules made me cry from laughing from something she picked up. Excellent reader! She made my day and gave me much needed clarity, reassurance, inspiration, motivation, and more.

  140. I had the pleasure of having my first reading with Dee! She was very accurate! Also she knew everything I was concerned about. She touched on things I’ve not told anyone! Dee also was very very clued in on what I was going through! She is absolutely wonderful!

  141. Donovan was able to tune into my situation which aligned with others. I appreciate him insight. Thank you for your help. We will see what unfolds here in the future!

  142. Amber was very accurate and she picked up on my situation quick. Very compassionate and helpful, I had a very good experience with her. She didn’t sugarcoat nothing.

  143. Christina is great at reading. Please try her, you would not be disappointed. Waiting for her predicted but what she told me that was right.

  144. Excellent reading. Lupe is very attuned and accurate about everything.

  145. This was my first read with Christina. I had a particular question and she nailed it. She was 100% correct. Christina responds quickly. She will not waste your time or money and of course she is accurate.

  146. Thank you so much Sita for you insight on my poi. You definitely pick up feelings well.

  147. Excellent! Thank You Shana. It was nice a reading with you.

  148. Denise Matthews

    Awesome every time!! Thank you Maya for giving me honest info and bringing me peace.

  149. Aurora is my favorite. My reading was spot on and gave me so much clarity. I will call again.

  150. Jacqueline Theodorou

    Robin is an amazing empath. She always picks up feelings accurately.

  151. She was very good. Rose was able to zero in on my situation. Thank you.

  152. Donovan is amazingly accurate polite and lovely. Truly highly talented.

  153. She’s on point and in the know every time.

  154. Jessica spotted on without any info necessary. Jessica is definitely a must go reader. Thanks for everything and your advises.

  155. This lady is very quick, accurate and kind. Very honest and right on the money. I really love talking to Ginnie.

  156. Will always comes through with answering my questions directly and honestly, and he has always been accurate!

  157. Glenda Andrews

    Gina doesn’t sugarcoat words and that’s what like about her she’s going to tell you like it is. May not be the answer l was hoping for but her word’s are thought provoking and accurate. Thanks Gina!!!!!

  158. Tammy does hit the nail on the head with it now and then as well. If you want to understand what is going on in someone’s head right now, she is the woman to contact. Tammy will tell you like it is, so if you want someone to give you a lot of fluff, she’s not for you, but if want someone who will tell you the truth, then call her.

  159. Madeleine Hamilton

    Tula has been a sweet friend to me. I have been going through a very stressful transition and because of her wise guidance I am coming through a better person!

  160. You said communication would start end of it. Thank you so much for accurate prediction, Alex!

  161. Mellow Jean A Fabian

    Thank you Debra. I know it’s continuous same questions. I sometimes don’t know why I wait. You give me hope, Debra.

  162. Victoria is my girl. She is really good with current situation. She doesn’t appear to sugarcoat.

  163. She does not waste your time and spits out what the guides are telling her. I recommend Nicole if you want to get into the mind of someone.

  164. I do believe Amber speaks truth and does not give pie in the sky. Sometimes her readings may not make sense but she is on point with what is happening in the now. Amber also will tell you if you need to move on from a relationship she gave me advise to do so from a previous relationship.

  165. Melinda Jamison

    Always a big help. Ginnie can really read a person’s emotions and give good insight on any situation.

  166. Angelene Mitchel

    Krystal knew my situation right off the bat… She needs very little information. Her style is sweet and warm. A humble lady. Thank you Krystal.

  167. Kathryn provided some helpful guidance. Thank you!

  168. Krystal has remained consistent in the year I have spoken to her. She’s been spot on most of the times.

  169. What would I do without you, Tomas? I appreciate all your guidance. You’re the best!

  170. Luke, you continually amaze me with what you hear. Impeccable accuracy. Thank you!

  171. This was only my first reading with her and I must say I was very impressed. Kathryn was spot on about things I am currently going through. I am definitely looking forward to another reading Kathryn!!!

  172. Debra and I had a great connection. She has so many details and info that no one could have possibly known. She was able to clarify things so well for me. Bless you!

  173. Grace is such an angel. She really gave me hope.

  174. Tula is right on, quick and accurate. Thank you.

  175. Roxanne is so good that she was accurate on a reading. Without even talking to my friend, Roxanne correctly predicted and answered all her questions. Thank you for all your help in my life!

  176. Dominique is a real psychic with extraordinary and rare gift and you would be fool not to call her!

  177. You really made me a believer that there are a real psychics out there. Thank you so much, Maya.

  178. Katerena said I would have contact in a certain time frame and that was accurate. She also stated correctly that once again it was because my help was needed not because he wanted to talk or see how I was. Katerena is gifted.

  179. Annabelle is my #1 reader… I am grateful, always and forever. Thank you! God bless!

  180. You are wonderful and caring. I don’t have words to thank you. Lizzy can help you communicate with people like no other psychic.

  181. Anna is always wonderful to speak to, and was spot-on as always. Thank you, Anna!

  182. I enjoyed you being very direct with me, Shana. Your honesty is very refreshing and it really helped me.

  183. Amber’s voice is so calming, never judgmental and doesn’t sugarcoat. She’s understanding and I feel much better after speaking with her. She hasn’t been wrong yet give her a chance you’ll love her.

  184. Camille was very straightforward and direct in what she picked up on. It was not what I wanted to hear but I needed to hear it to move on. Thank you.

  185. Very pleasant. She was also able to describe characteristics of my relationship that were detailed and accurate.

  186. Excellent reading again, Sita. It was so special and emotional to connect with my late husband! Will be in touch soon.

  187. I touch base with Sena every couple weeks to keep up that the energy is still on track with my situation. She’s been right about contact a few times and so far her major prediction is still within the timeline she gave before.

  188. I called Ashley back I was confused by something said during a follow up. Ashley really listened to me and put up with my questions to get clarity and explained it so that by the end of the call I understood things better. Thank you for your patience.

  189. I always enjoy connecting with Luke! He is a talented intuitive and very helpful when needing to sort through a situation.

  190. Aurora was very kind, sweet and nonjudgmental. I ended up calling back a few times to extend our conversation and she was always happy to have me back. Aurora looked at two scenarios for me in order to help me make a decision for my path and I’d never had an advisor do that before. Will definitely call her again.

  191. Maya is very good and I never feel like I have to hold back or be embarrassed about anything that I say. She always makes you feel comfortable.

  192. Celine is quick on picking up on the situation without asking many questions. She followed-up with a message to reassure me that things will work out.

  193. She is very nice and kind, very good reader.

  194. Fantastic reader, and remembers me from many months ago. I was impressed. Thank you Ginnie, I hope to chat again some day with goodness of course.

  195. She is a lovely lady to talk with. I’m anxious to know if her predicted time frame will come to fruition like the last time.

  196. Peter, thank you once again for setting my fears aside and encouraging me to trust my own instincts. I trust that the new member of our family will be just what I’m expecting.

  197. You were right, Glenn. She wont pick me up. I have been late and it cost me $51 for a taxi.

  198. Ginnie is the best I ever worked with. She’s so personable. I believe she is the real deal. I wish I knew her sooner.

  199. I loved talking to Rose! She knew exactly what was going on without much info and gave me good insights on what’s coming. I will definitely call her back!

  200. So great, you can’t go wrong with her. I highly recommend Stephanie.

  201. Tula is so honest. I appreciate that Tula is going to be my number one from now on. Thank you for being so honest and straightforward.

  202. Kelly is wonderful, kind and gave me so much hope for my future. She shared things with me that have happened and will happen. Thank you so much.

  203. You were the only one who saw or told me he is dating someone else. Lisa, thanks for your gift and honesty. You were also correct about them not having sex yet, but I’m not interested in waiting around as that will most likely happen. I’m crushed but appreciate getting the honesty I need to move forward. Thank you.

  204. Zoe is a nice lady. She seemed to have picked up on a lot of things. I’m impressed.

  205. Annabelle’s able to pick up situations quickly and pretty accurate after requesting name of POI.

  206. Nice and caring person! Rose told me the truth but was also very understanding in telling me. I’d definitely read with him again.

  207. The reading was so insightful and caring all at the same time. Aaron is now one of my favorite psychics.

  208. Thanks for information, Zoe. I loved talking to you. Hoping to talk to you soon.

  209. Gabrielle, you are brilliant and the most fantastic mystic psychic ever! You have answer all my question and seen the out come with these 2 people I work with! You have given me a very positive look at where I’m at with my job and I decided to change because of helpful insights, and it’s time for me.

  210. Sidney is truly gifted and real. She knows what is going on and still sticks to her first projection. Sidney remembers me and the first reading I had with her. How can that be I don’t even remember what I did yesterday. This just shows that she is a gifted and real psychic.

  211. Cassandra Garland

    I love Amber with all my heart. Thank you for showing me the truth, Amber. I’d never do anything to hurt him but I have to take my life back because I’ve lost myself somewhere in all this.

  212. Erlinda Dosnton

    I wish I could talk to Barbara every day. She calms me and I am very thankful to her for helping me moved on.

  213. Annabelle is a gentle soul and always puts me at rest after our readings. She is a five star advisor all the way.

  214. I love Sita! Her personality is so sweet and warm. I had two readings with her and she’s on point. The second reading I didn’t have to say anything, she took the words right out of my mouth. She said things only I would know. She even knew what I was thinking. Scary right? It’s like she knew me better than I knew myself.

  215. Troy is an amazing psychic. He will good you a realistic advise and was spot on all his readings.

  216. Pebbles is my star as always! She gave me a very insightful reading. I will call back.

  217. Aurora picked up on so much more than any other psychic. She is extremely gifted! I just want to call her again hope to call back soon.

  218. It was such a pleasant surprise to be able to speak to Ella today and she was so on point, crystal clear accuracy with such a soothing voice. Thank you for the quick support, Ella.

  219. You can never go wrong with Gabrielle. She will tell you the truth no matter what.

  220. Mimi is the best psychic here. Thanks for the advise, Mimi.

  221. Debbie Morehead

    Very quick and fast! I instantly felt like she is the real deal and I connected to her! I very much look forward to her predictions coming to pass! Can’t wait to talk to her again!

  222. Thank you so much for telling me what I really needed to hear and not what I wanted hear. In the long run this what I really needed. I did feel a sense of peace after we spoke. I think I know what I need to do now and move on and not be so wrapped up in these false hopes that other advisors have given me. Thanks again, Brandy! I will definitely be calling you again!

  223. Jasmine is always right on the money. I love her for being caring, non-judgmental and being spot on all the time. She always tells it like it is.

  224. Kaylie Williams

    1st prediction came through. Called her again to get some insight on the ex again. Theresa said after the next communication will clear and he’ll start communicating more. Spoke to her twice in one night. Now a situation has occurred and I’m in line again to talk to her. Try Theresa, her predictions all came to fruition.

  225. Autumn started the reading very positive and she ended it with a joy in my heart. I love that she’s very honest with her readings.

  226. You are incredibly amazing, Astra. Your readings were totally spot on too.

  227. It’s starting to happen as you mentioned, Serenity. I will call you for an update. Thank you!

  228. I love talking with Jeni, she has not changed her readings and she still sees me getting better. Her predictions before came to fruition and I’m sure this one is not an exception.

  229. Elaine, thanks for having a beautiful spirit. You helped me so much with my problems. I’ve been struggling for such a long time and you’re always there to lift up my spirit.

  230. I’m gonna call you my guardian angel, Ronnie. Thank you so much for such a nice reading. You’re truly gifted. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

  231. Thank you, Aurora. You are a blessing! I appreciate your insight.

  232. I did hear back and her prediction came to fruition. Ronnie is a real deal.

  233. Always right on with me. Donovan is always positive. I have to be patient.

  234. Incredible reader! Will definitely continue to call. Rita is a joy to talk to!

  235. Courtney Bennett

    Wonderful, calming and I believe accurate. Very soon, time will tell. Thank you, Samantha!

  236. Fran, he called me and said exactly the same thing you told me. He is only going to stay with his girlfriend but not moving in. He thinks this will be the end of their relationship because they don’t get along that well. Wow! That is exactly what you told me, Fran!

  237. Aurora is so accurate and caring! She’s been giving me good insight and one prediction came to fruition already.

  238. Thank you so much, Jeni. You’ve been such an angel to me. Your guidance and words truly hits my heart.

  239. Thank you for helping me to get back on track with my emotions and my life. I will take your advice concerning grief counseling and getting my financial affairs straight. AnneMarie, you didn’t spin any fairytales and that helps me to begin thinking straight.

  240. Tara accurately predicted that I would get my new job and she also picked up on a financial matter that I recently experienced and I didn’t even give her the details. I was shocked! One of the things that I learned from Tara is that we all help manifest our own destiny and that I need to accept mine with love and grace.

  241. Everything she said came to pass! Just listen to Samara and be patient. At the end, Samara will always right and accurate.

  242. Sable is scary accurate and she gave a very sound advice. She and Robin are the best.

  243. You’re amazing, Astra! Thank you so much for your insight. I will keep you posted on the progress.

  244. Dino has always opened my understanding. He is well worth listening to.

  245. Thank you Katerena, you’re always in my heart! I will not forget how you helped in removing the pain in my heart.

  246. Amber, I enjoyed my reading. You are very sweet and to the point. I would recommend you to anyone who wants a true reading.

  247. It’s always a pleasure to speak with you, Zara. You’re feisty and wonderful!

  248. I had a wonderful reading with Mabel. She tuned in to the situation like no other and I am so amazed with her gifts.

  249. Katerena is very sweet and very in tune with situation. I love her!

  250. Amber is basically in line with other top psychics. She is nice to talk to. I just had a brief reading on one subject but it was good.

  251. Thanks for putting up with me, Alicia. I know I ask the same questions over and over. I will let you know what happens.

  252. Ronnie has the ability to describe details that she would have no way of knowing. I will have to wait and see if her predictions come to pass but all is good for now.

  253. Thank you for your help, Trisha. Your are so awesome and humble. I will be back.

  254. I love her! Rachel is an amazing psychic. I really appreciates her help.

  255. I love Molly! She’s absolutely one of the best advisors on site.

  256. I wish I could talk to her more often. She always puts my mind at ease. I still need to be patient. She gave me predictions 6 months ago that are just now slowly starting to take place. I’m waiting for the final outcome. Thank you, Ella.

  257. Thank you, Luke. I never get a chance to show my gratitude to you while we are in reading since I run out of funds. I wait for long to see that finally am connected to chat with you. You definitely have a long queue and that’s obvious why. You helped me big deal always.

  258. Wow! That was an unexpected treat! A very quick chat but a diamond. Thank you, Amber.

  259. Arjun is so amazing. He is humble and modest. He takes the time with you to explain everything and always has a caring heart. There is a reason why he is always so busy. He is top notch and I can’t say enough good about him. He has a beautiful soul.

  260. Tula, thank you for being patient with me. I have been chatting a lot recently because of my anxiety. I always ask the same questions and you just continue to answer it. Your predictions and timing has not changed, I just have to be patient.

  261. So amazing! I wouldn’t know what to without Bettina.

  262. I am so happy with my readings. Teresa knows so much and she gave me a good insight on my situation.

  263. Thank you again, Angelica. I always ask the same question and it’s like you pick up just where my life is. I just can’t wait until it all comes together.

  264. Eva proves her unbelievable accuracy in future predictions. If Eva says something will happen, it will happen in time. Eva’s spot on and excellent in reading current and past thoughts as well. Just amazing!

  265. Bianca is awesome. She is my weekly go advisor because her predictions are all on point. You will never be disappointed. If you have not read with Bianca, you are missing out.

  266. Rebecca is the bomb, her abilities are so powerful that she hit everything on the nail. I highly recommend Rebecca.

  267. I read with Vanna a few times. Everything about the POI has happened the way she said it will. Amazing!

  268. Everything Serenity has said has been accurate! Everything made sense now.

  269. Tammy’s detailed, clear and her deep vision is unmatched. She is the best.

  270. Hannah answers all my questions and gets everything right. Thank you, Hannah.

  271. Thank you so much everything you said, April. You have an amazing gift and I am so grateful to you for everything.

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