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Are Your Loved Ones Spirit’s Trying to Contact You?

Has one of your loved ones passed on to the other side? Do you miss them so much you ache to communicate with them?  And have you ever felt that you weren’t truly alone? Or, have you felt a light breeze that gave your chills? It’s possible  that a loved one is trying to reach out to you.

Here are some common signs that someone is trying to contact you:

  • Being visited in dreams: Spirits commonly contact the living dreams. They are hard to describe, but if you’ve had one, you definitely know it.
  • Feeling the spirit- Some people can actually feel that their loved one is near. It can be as vivid as feeling that something is gently nudging you. It may also be as subtle as sensing that someone is sitting next to you.
  • Feeling a touch-You may feel a gentle embrace, a light touch or your hair moving slightly.  If you feel a caress of reassurance, chances are good a loved one is reaching out to you.
  • Smelling something you associate with them. It is also not uncommon to actually smell your loved one. It is called clairgustance. It can be as subtle as a whiff of perfume
  • Hearing the sound of their voice.  You may hear the voice of your loved one, not just inside your head but as part of your day.  It may even seem that it they are speaking as if they are there in human forms.
  • Unexpected electrical events. – Your delay departed may have learned how to use energy and electricity to contact those on our plane of existence. It is actually very easy for them to manipulate electricity  by turning lights on and off or changing the channels on a radio or TV.
  • Music on the radio – You may hear songs that may have a connection to you and your loved one.  This could be the departed spirits trying to reach you.
  • A Phone Call –  It is no surprise that a spirit can simply use a phone to contact your. It is, after, all an electrical device.  This is more common within a few days of your loved one passing.
  • A sign or symbol. – Your dearly departed are anxious for you to know that they are still in your life.  Sometimes they will reach out to you with a sign or symbol. This may be a small item like a coin or stone.  It could also be an animal, like a bird or ladybug.  An unexpected flower or floral sign may also be a touch from beyond the grave.   The unexpected movement of an object, while potentially frightening, may also be your loved one saying hello.
  • Literally seeing the spirit. – If you see a loved one in the daylight, when you are awake, is actually very rare.  Very few people have ever actually seen their loved one reaching out to them.

The people in your life who have passed on want you to know they are still a presence in your life. If you keep an open mind and heart, they will find you.

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