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Spirit Animal

Ways to Find Your Spirit Animal

Everyone has a spirit animal, but some may have specific guides for a reason. Some may be karmic energy forms that transcend space and time. You can discover your spirit guide and create communication. There are several ways that are shared below.

  • Dial In and Believe – You must first believe you have a spirit animal before you are able to communicate with them. Think back over your life and the times when you were helped, saved, or redirected by some force that was unknown. Your guide will come in different ways, so take time to listen to your mind, body, and spirit. When you are in complete stillness, your guide will speak. This may be through clairvoyance, a feeling, or even a scent or just an inner voice. As you receive these messages, write down what you sense because these are intuitive messages from your spirit guide.
  • Clear the Chakras – Having clear chakras helps you become more receptive to your spirit animal. This means taking part in meditation and affirmations on multiple levels. When you meditate using natural stones, place the rock right on top of your brow and feel the increased spiritual oneness with nature. You will be elevated to a higher state of consciousness and strengthen your intuition to your spirit guide.
  • Enjoy Nature – Often, enjoying nature will bring you closer to your spirit animal. Allow yourself to become one with the planet’s vibration. Go to the woods or a park and close your eyes, just listening to the sounds of nature. Place your hand on your heart and ask for a visit from your spirit animal. Allow yourself to become aware of any sensations that indicate it is present.
  • Ask Your Guide to Appear – During quiet moments, like in dreams, meditation, or nature walks, ask your spirit animal to reveal itself.
  • Journal – As your relationship with your spirit animal grows, keep a journal handy. Write down messages, intuitive thoughts, and sensations that come into awareness. As you record it, be open to its meaning.
  • Automatic Writing – Automatic writing through mindful channeling of your spirit animal is simple. Close your eyes and meditate to allow yourself to deep dive into the subconscious. When you awaken, grab a pen and write whatever comes out without thought or editing. Look at what you record and search for hidden messages.
  • Use the Third Eye – Spiritually speaking, the third eye allows you to see the unseen. Engage in body awareness, prayer, and reading or Reiki to grow your otherworldly seeing ability. Your unique spirit animal will reveal himself in different ways, be open to the experience.

If you are interested in making contact and knowing your spirit animal, keep an open mind. This means accepting things that we are not meant to understand fully. When your spirit animal makes contact, you will know. Consider it a karmic blessing.

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