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Which Angel Should Your Ask for Help?

images (15)Have you ever wanted to connect with your guardian angel? Have you ever wondered if your angel was male or female? Have you ever wondered if you even had a guardian angel? If you’re like most people, these thoughts have crossed your mind from time to time.

No matter how small or big your concerns or issues may be, your angels are ready and willing to serve you. They are holographic in nature, and they can be available to anyone at any time. All you need to do is have the intention of communicating with them, or have an honest conversation with them like you would with any human being. That’s all it takes—a simple invitation. Your angels are more than willing to intercede on your behalf, but they will not violate your free will. They cannon act unless you extend the invitation to them to do so.

Archangel Michael

When it comes to releasing fears and feeling safe and protected, I have found that working with Archangel Michael is of great benefit. You can ask him to remove and clear away unwanted negative energies. You can ask him to cut any energetic cords or hooks others have attached to you and he will sever them with his fiery sword. He can protect you, your loved ones and your home from any lower energies.

download (3)Archangel Raphael

To bring healing, like help with addictions or adopting a healthier lifestyle, you can invite Archangel Raphael to guide you towards healthier choices and to diminish your cravings for unhealthy ones. You can visualize a ray of green emerald light surrounding you when you or a loved one needs healing.

Archangel Jophiel

When you need to uplift your thoughts and bring in a more positive attitude, Archangel Jophiel is the wonderful angel who can help beautify your thoughts. Archangel Jophiel is also a feng shui expert. She can help you clear the energy around you as well as help you get organized and eliminate clutter.

Archangel Raquel

He can help with relationship issues. He can bring solutions and help guide you through your emotions. You will feel his divine guidance. He can help you see underlying order by opening the hearts of everyone involved and assisting in resolving conflicts and arguments.


Archangel Gabriel

When you need that extra push to get your writing or artwork done, Archangel Gabriel helps with communication. Ask him to help you speak your truth with ease so you can feel free to speak your mind and to remove any blocks to self-expression.

Archangel Metatron

If you lack mental clarity and you feel scattered Archangel Metatron can help you focus your mind and keep you on task for longer periods of time. He can also clear and open your chakras using sacred geometric shapes.


As you can see, Spirit has an amazing army of archangels available to work with you. Each one has a different specialty and they can all bring positive change into your life. And if you need help connecting to them, call me. All you have to do is ask!

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