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Dream Spirit Visitors


A very common dream involves spirits visiting their loved ones.  Almost everyone who has lost someone experiences a visitation from their dearly departed.  Some dismiss this visit as part of the grieving process. While that may be partly true, a visit from a spirit is also a way for those who have crossed over to reassure their loved ones.There is a common theme, much like the recurring dream that you have to take a test you haven’t studied for.  In a dream where a spirit visits, you may be guided into a light filled room where you meet your loved one.  This soul may offer you a gift or say something special to you.Some have reported dreams  where they are able to communicate with someone they have lost years before.  In the dream they are able to feel the love around them. This type of dream can increase faith and build hope.  It is encouraging to know that love is eternal and lasts beyond death.

It helps those who are grieving to see their loved ones. It is comforting to know that we are not alone in our grief. This comfort can help them survive as they come to terms with their loss.

images (7)A visitation may also be a way to help heal the soul of the loved one themselves. Especially if they have unfinished business.  In this case the soul may be unable to rest until they have made their message known.  The message may be something simple such as an apology that needed to be said to something as intricately delivered as the specifics surrounding the circumstances of their death.

The messages from these dream visitors can also give us information about moving from one stage of life to another.   This can be signs of future reincarnation or other transitional news.

Sometimes when we dream of a lost loved one, it is actually a way for us to relive the best of our lives with our friend or family member.  These dreams come from our subconscious and not from the spiritual realm.

When we are truly visited by a lost loved one, it gives us hope that we are never truly alone and that we should have faith in God and in an Afterlife.

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