15 Ways You Know if You’re a Medium

15 Ways You Know if You’re a Medium

Have you ever wondered if you had psychic talents?  You might feel different from other people your age, but not sure how to prove that you could in fact be a medium.  Do you have visions or prophetic dreams?  Do you see shadows or hear sounds unnoticeable to anyone else?

All psychic mediums at one point have wondered about their abilities, and yet each person has psychic talents to some degree.  We all can honor our gifts of intuition if we wish, and we all have the ability to receive messages from the spirit world.

Being a medium means your spiritual energy detection is a bit more acute than other people.  Mediums sense the energetic vibrations of Spirit and work to decern ethereal messages to help humanity.  We have compiled a list of 15 talents of mediums.  See which ones might resonate most with you to know if you are in fact a medium!

  1. Ability to see spirits after the age of three: Babies and toddlers are closely entwined with the spirit world due to the newness of their time on earth. For example, babies frequently laugh at unseen objects when playing in a crib.  However, after the age of three we become more rooted in our present life and lose our connection to the spirit world unless we otherwise had this ability stewarded.
  2. Speaking with “imaginary” friends or angels during childhood: Mediums report having an abundance of angelic or imaginary friends. This is become spirits vibrate at such high and fast frequencies that only people gifted in metaphysics can communicate with them.
  3. Feeling like disconnected from society: The reason medium feel so different from other people is because their experience connections at deeper more intimate levels.  This can make it hard for other people to relate to individuals like you.
  4. Frequently things from the periphery: This shows a talent in clairvoyance.  You might see orbs, sparkles, shadows to pulsing lights.  People with heightened skills in clairvoyance will even be able to see these images from their mind’s eye.
  5. Getting “feelings” about a place: This shows a talent in clairsentience.  It can only take a single visit to get concrete feelings about a location.  You might get a tingling or shivering sensation, or notice a shift in how energy feels.
  6. Fear of the dark: This may be due to people getting heightened senses with the absence of light.  Without the distractions of daytime, a mind gets to rest and intuit its surroundings more.
  7. Hearing voices: This is a clear sign of clairaudience.  Voices aren’t spooky or scary, but instead can convey messages.  People with acute clairaudience will hear these noises withing their head.
  8. Quick to overstimulate: Mediums try to avoid loud or crowded places. They can also have issues with bright lights, sudden or loud noises, and strong smells.  Interacting with strong stimuli produces a desire to shed your skin.  This is all because of clairsentience and extreme sensitivity to energy.  To avoid the crankiness or anxiety that comes with over stimulation, seek out calm and quiet settings.
  9. Vivid dreams: Mediums have frequent and detailed dreams.  They can recall journeying to places beyond the present dimension or encountering people who are deceased or strangers.
  10. Understanding animals: Mediums have a unique ability to know the mindset of an animal, and they can even communicate with them.
  11. Intimate knowledge of people: There is no way a person is able to fool a medium.  A medium knows key facts about people due to their ability to pick up of even the most minute of vibration.
  12. Difficulty with electronics: It seems like mediums and electronics are like oil and water try to mix.  When a person with a high sensitivity to energy encounters technology, things get weird.  Alarms sudden go of, a tv will randomly turn on, and new light bulbs unexpectedly burn out.
  13. Excellent at giving advice: Mediums are perfect advice givers.  There is a soothing present and it seems like every word strike the right chord.  This is because of their remarkable ability to tap into the wisdom of the Divine and access information that was tailor made for the individual seeking guidance.
  14. Ability to sense spirits: You might be alone in the home, but you know there are beings nearby that you can’t physically see.  If you feel instant waves of emotions this could be a sign that you are clairsentient.
  15. A relationship bond doesn’t break after death: Even though a person is no longer living, mediums can sense their presence keenly.  They will notice frequent signs and take this as a comfort that the spirit is at peace, but still trying to communicate with them.