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How to develop your abilities to be a psychic medium?

A psychic medium help us communicate with our beloved ones who have passed away to have answers to our unresolved questions, and they also help us see into the future. They use different methods to see future’s insights such as Tarot card reading, Crystal ball, palmistry, and psychometric.

We communicate all the time with our loved ones and they respond to us, however we can’t hear them just because we don’t have the ability to hear spirits from the far side. Or maybe we just need to work on our listening abilities and develop them.

If you want to become a psychic medium, here are some information about how to develop your abilities and skills.

Believe in your abilities:

Many believe that only people with special gifts or powers are able to connect with the spiritual beings, while higher communication only require attention and practice. We all have the tools and abilities to make those connections, all what we need is belief in our abilities and Practice!

Believing in your abilities is the first step in developing your skills. If you don’t believe, then find something else to do.

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Practice, practice, practice!

The second thing you need to do is to work on your abilities and develop your skills. So, how to develop your skills as a medium? Just follow the next few steps:


Did you know that experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, vivid nightmares or depression may block third eye or sixth chakra?

So, first thing you need to do is to free up your mind and relax!

10 minutes every day!

Then, you need to do is to find 10 minutes every day to practice! Bring a candle from any type and light it. Sit in front of it and relax. Clear your mind and sit still. Try to sit quietly as long as possible and ask connecting with God.

Heighten your five senses.

The more heightened your five senses are, the more developed are your abilities. Take another 5 minutes to work on your five senses every day. Taste, smell, touch, hear, and feel in a different way. FOCUS is the key, try to focus and sense things around you in a different way.

Connect with your loved one!

Light your candle and sit in your quiet place and ask for your loved one to come. Relax and wait to see what happens. Don’t panic! Just believe in your abilities and observe. See and hear, then write it down after you finish. Write down your observations, and the more you practice the more you see and hear. They may not answer you immediately, but they may come to you in your dreams to hear what they need to tell you. They are everywhere around you. They just transformed to a different form of energy.

Following these easy 3 steps is what the professional psychic mediums did early in their career. They just believed in their abilities and developed their skills every day until they became what they are. So, never give up and work on your abilities.

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