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Trust Your Intuition

4 Signals You Need to Trust Your Intuition

Intuition is a gift that everyone has, but there are certain times our intuition is more powerful than others.  This phenomenon has bee explored by philosophers and psychologists for centuries and allows humanity to connect more deeply to the world around us.  It is up to every person to be receptive to the power of their intuitive skills and learn how to understand to better listen to its wisdom.  If you would like to develop your intuition, then explore the following signals and gain a greater control over your destiny.

It feels lighter than fear

Intuition is not an agitating sensation.  It is a steady feeling with a constant vibrational frequency.  If you feel something is innately true, this is your intuitive skills guiding you.  It doesn’t matter the situation or feedback from others, you know to your core the reality of this feeling.  It may be something that isn’t at the forefront of your mind or something you wish you could avoid, but in spite of everything your body is relaxed and at peace with the knowledge.

Being attuned

It seems like you can’t escape a pattern if you tried.  Perhaps you watch a show and a line deeply resonates with you.  Or maybe you are always encountering 444 to the point you can’t claim it’s a coincidence anymore.  You also could have a loved one in your mind that despite being out of time with for a period of time that the moment you take your phone out, you receive a call or text from them.  All these are examples of your intuition at work!

Foretelling People’s Speech and Actions

Have you even “heard” a person say something within your third ear before they can utter a syllable?  You may be able to predict questions that may appear on a test or the address of your next home/job.  Don’t ignore these messages!  Instead explore what these messages could mean in your life and understand how our intuition is connected to a frequency beyond our rational mind.

Being an Empath

You may relate to others on a very deep level.  You know what they are experience simply by paying attention to the facial or body language.  Having a strong intuition will feel effortless and simply right.  Empath is a powerful gift that we can use to help people live their best life possible, simply by tapping into our intuition.

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