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6 Benefits of Awakening Your Third Eye

If you had to answer the question, “How many eyes do you have?” and you answered, “Two, of course!” that would be incorrect. We actually have three eyes, with the third eye being perhaps the most powerful source of knowledge we possess.
images (28)Our third eye is invisible, but it’s as present and available to us as our other two eyes. And here’s a secret you should know: It’s a potent source of intuitive wisdom that with meditation, gives us insight, forewarning and intelligence to the past, future, and most importantly, the present moment.

Even though the third eye is not visible, it is actually present in everybody. It just has to be opened and activated. Yet, what can people get from awakening their third eye? What are its benefits?

1. You will be awakened from a spiritual slumber

Opening your third eye metaphysically awakens you from deep slumber. It enables you to start to understand the truth around you. What this means is that you will begin to discover that this world is actually brimming with inequalities and control. You will become motivated to be free and to dwell in a place that is filled with love, truth and compassion. Eventually, you will realize how all the things that surround you are actually connected. Awakening your third eye allows you to have a much deeper connection with the world and the rest of the universe. Profoundly, it enables you to see the positive side in everything and understand that your body is not really your true self.

2. You will become as attractive as a magnet

By activating your third eye, you are able to help balance the entire chakra system. In turn, you become energized, empowered and in harmony with the universe. With this positive spirit, you can easily attract people like a magnet.

images (29)3. You will have better sleep

Since it is your pineal gland that controls your sleep cycles, you will be able to have quality sleep and more vivid dreams. Ultimately, you will begin to recognize the immensity of your true self and the boundless possibilities existing in the realm of dreams. 

4. You will have a sixth sense

This is exactly why some people think that present-time prophets have open third eye. When your third eye is activated, you will have the ability to read instinctual signs much easily, and you can easily tap into yournatural psychic powers. This sixth sense will make you know things before they even happen. Your instincts become like a compass that directs you to the right path to attain whatever your soul searches for.

Astral Projection Travel5. You will have the ability to astral travel

When your pineal gland is connected to this realm of existence where time and space doesn’t exist, your soul will have the capacity to leave its human body and travel astrally across space and time. You can go to any place and any time in the universe.

6. You will foster your creativity

With an awakened third eye, you will have a constant connection to the world where our souls dwell. There is no space and no time in this plane of existence, only boundless love and truth. When you are connected to this world, your creative imagination is revved up and your power to find solutions is enhanced.

Opening your third eye may require work and practice, and requires the guidance and supervision of someone who can help you with the process.

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