7 Common Messages from Your Deceased Loved Ones


logoAs a medium, I spend a lot of time connecting people on Earth with their Loved Ones on the Other Side, passing messages of inspiration, hope and guidance. Just as we on Earth use our own personal life experiences to provide others with guidance in their lives, your loved ones in Spirit, use their own lives as an example, as they reflect and offer information to you.

Here are seven of the most common messages from spirits we hear from those who have passed during a reading with a psychic medium.

The 7 Most Common Messages from Spirits

Common Messages from Spirits #1. “I’m okay.” Immediately following their passing, people in spirit want their loved ones to know that they are okay–they are happy, healthy, and alive. Mainly, they want us to know that they survived death; that is, they did not disappear but rather still exist, only now in spirit form versus physical form.

Common Messages from Spirits #2. “My suffering ended the second I died.” Many people worry that their loved ones continue to suffer from their illness, injuries, or mental anguish after death. Therefore, one of the most common messages from people in spirit is that their suffering ended the moment they left their bodies. Once in spirit, they were free from all human and physical suffering.

Common Messages from Spirits #3. “I’m closer to you now than I ever was before.”People in spirit commonly convey
through mediums that they can see, hear, and even read their surviving loved one’s thoughts. Consequently, our loved ones in spirit know more about what’s going on with us physically, emotionally, and spiritually and therefore feel closer to us than when they were living in their physical bodies.

download (6)Common Messages from Spirits #4. “I’m watching over you.” As an expansion of the prior message, our loved ones in spirit commonly want us to know that they are watching over us from the spirit world and guiding us when appropriate and possible. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are constantly hovering over us at every second; but they check in on us regularly and come to our side whenever we think of them.

In this way, they always know what is going on in our lives (our triumphs and disappointments). They are watching when we graduate from college, become a parent, get a new job, and even when we become ill, have an accident, or suffer a terrible tragedy. They do guide us when it is appropriate for them to do so, but we must be open to their guidance by following our intuition and remaining aware of the signs, coincidences, and messengers they send plus the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Common Messages from Spirits #5. “I was greeted by loved ones here.” Our loved ones in spirit commonly want us to know that they were greeted by loved ones who passed before them upon their return to the afterlife. They often refer to this as a homecoming celebration, where family members, friends, and even pets greeted them with love and jubilation.

images (18)Common Messages from Spirits #6. “I am living in peace, joy, and love in the spirit world.” Although it is not possible to put into words the blissful experience of living in the dimension of spirit, our deceased loved ones often try to convey to us how wonderful it is. They describe living in the light of the hereafter as feeling welcome, warm, safe, loved, joyful, boundless, liberated, peaceful, friendly, sweet, blissful, radiant, dreamlike, free, and harmonious, to list just a few of the common descriptions.

Common Messages from Spirits #7. “I love you.”
As simple and basic as this may seem, love is the most important of all messages. Our loved ones in spirit always want us to know that they love us, which also means that they forgive us, they are proud of us, and they want nothing more for us than to be happy.


  1. The recurring message that loved ones are at peace and free from suffering after death is particularly comforting. It suggests that death is not an end but a transition. If true, this could fundamentally change how we view mortality and address our own fears and anxieties about dying.

  2. The idea of spirits being able to communicate their well-being and ongoing presence is quite profound. It challenges our understanding of life and death, pushing us to consider the possibility of an existence beyond our physical world. This perspective can provide significant emotional support for those dealing with loss.

  3. The concept that our loved ones in spirit convey messages of comfort and guidance certainly offers solace to many who are grieving. It’s intriguing how mediums consistently report similar themes in their readings. It would be interesting to delve deeper into the psychological and cultural aspects influencing these common messages.

  4. The description of a blissful afterlife filled with peace and love, as conveyed by spirits, is incredibly appealing. It provides a hopeful vision of what might lie beyond our current lives. The emphasis on love as the most important message underscores the universal human experience and the enduring power of emotional bonds.

  5. The notion that spirits feel closer to us now than when they were alive is fascinating. It raises questions about the nature of consciousness and the potential for non-physical forms of existence. These ideas certainly deserve further exploration, perhaps through interdisciplinary studies combining psychology, spirituality, and quantum physics.


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