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8 Signs You’re in a Karmic Relationship

8 Signs You’re in a Karmic Relationship

Humas crave love.  We will go through endless pursuits to discover our ideal mate.  We are willing to face huge risks, hurt, and rejection to enjoy a lifetime of love and passion.  Sure, we hope that the partner we are with will last forever, but at times love can blind us to faults.  We can ignore red flags, toxic behaviors and ignore recurring issues, and it only after we walk away that we realize how harmful the relationship actually was.

Understanding karmic relationship

Frequently our first adult relationship is a karmic one.  Karmic relationship can appear in our lives suddenly.  They are not meant to last, but instead to teach critical lessons that we failed to learn in our last lifetime.  These issues will persist in our life until we are able to finally resolve them.  Once we untie our souls from this unfinished business, the relations will be over.  The goal of a karmic relationship is for us to grow in spirit.  No karmic relationship will ever last.

8 Signs of Karmic Relationship

  1. Doesn’t honor boundaries: Karmic lovers don’t respect boundaries.  You might have gone well beyond your comfort zone, and your partner will flagrantly ignore your concerns.  This is most common with intimacy.  A karmic partner will act selfishly and you will always feel like you have to compromise and give.  They will view your hesitation as a weakness and gaslight you until they get what they want.
  2. Codependent behavior: Karmic partners are selfish and avoid any attempts at equality.  You are there for their betterment or benefit.  They will act lazy and wait for you to do all the work in the relationship.
  3. Intensity: Your connection will be instant and powerful.  When you first met it might have felt a sizzle between you due to your instant attraction.  Everything seems perfect, until suddenly it’s not, but by then you are in so deep you can’t get out.
  4. You feel addicted to them: No matter how toxic things get you always come back for more.  Even though you know they are bad for you, your heart is always willing to forgive them.  This is because the karmic relationships are the toughest ones to leave.
  5. They highlight your insecurities: Somehow begin around them seems to amplify any sources of trauma for you.  Since they have minimal regard for your thoughts and feelings, they are not helpful in letting your process your pain.
  6. You burn hot and cold: A hallmark of karmic relationships is it feeling like it easily switches on and off.  Your unstable pattern causes a power play between the two of you.  But no matter what happens, you feel unable to leave the relationship.
  7. Controlling behavior: Karmic partners are always looking to exert control.  This may manifest as comments or behaviors.  They may criticize something you say, forbid you to wear a particular outfit, or gaslight you from seeing a loved one.  Comprise is nonexistent.  It might seem like you are always saying “yes,” when you really know you should say “no.”  Instead of getting into a fight, you fold and notice yourself losing autonomy and your identity.
  8. Stubbornness:   Karmic partners refuse to change anything about their actions since they assume that they are always right.  This is because they see themselves as superior to you and worthy of making all decisions in the relationship.  All of your opinions will fall on deaf ears.  Even if they may acknowledge something you do is right, their pride will prevent them for taking any appropriate actions.

Navigating karmic relationships

You can choose to let your karmic relationship to run its natural course.  Make sure you speak out against their toxic behavior to reduce any harm to you.  Then consider the lessons the Universe is trying to teach you in order to resolve baggage carried over from your previous lifetime.  Self-awareness is a key part of your path forward.  Karmic relationships help you grow, and teaches you how to more efficiently navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with relationships.  Knowing that karmic relationships can be freeing and empowering once you are able to leave them.  Listen to what your inner wisdom is trying to tell you.  When you feel conflicted, ask the divine for assistance.  You will know in your gut when it’s time to leave.

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