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Guide to be a Medium

A Guide to be a Medium

Having a psychic mediumship reading can help you to connect with someone that you loved that passed to the other side. This kind of reading can help you to have closure in your life.

A medium is someone that is able to get messages from someone that has passed on, but you need to make sure that you are finding a medium that is real and not fake when you seek them to help you with this.

Spirit Communication

When you lose someone that you have loved, you have to know that their energy has not died but that their body just goes to the ground. The people that have went to the spirit world are still full of energy that is moving at a very high vibrational frequency.

Even though you will not be able to see the spirit, you can feel that they have not left you and they are still with you.

When you are trying to deal with the spirit world you have to know that it is the energy that you are dealing with and not the person. Everything in the world is full of energy and even when you no longer have a body, you still have your energy.

Communicating with spirits can happen if you are able to understand that your vibrations are much lower than a spirits.

When you boil water, it will boil to the point that it evaporates. You will see with your eyes that the water is no longer there, but the truth is that the water just changed forms and went into the air. This is the same thing with the spirit world. They have not really disappeared from you; you can just no longer see their changed form.

Psychics are able to feel the energy of these spirits and a medium is able to take the energy of someone that has passed to the other side and to communicate with them.

Psychics that want to work with spirit energies are called mediums and they are able to invite the spirit to come to them so that they can connect with them.

Getting a Reading

When you want to get a reading with a medium, chances are that you want to know that your loved one is okay, or you want to have come kind of closure. When you can accept that spirts exist after they die, the reading will be easier.

You have to remember that their energy doesn’t die and that it is part of their existence. This is the energy that was there before they were born and after they die.

When you feel sad that you have lost someone that you love, know that their life will go on.

How Do Mediums Use Their Gifts?

A medium is someone that can communicate with the spirit world. This means that they can communicate with a pet or a person that has died. A medium can also communicate with a person’s spirit guides or angels.

In order to be able to communicate with a spirit, the medium will clear their mind and ground themselves. They will do this by meditating and it will help them to be able to concentrate when the spirit does decide to communicate with them or through them.

The spirit will decide what it wants to communicate about. This is not like what you see in the movies and this is never as dramatic as the movies show. The medium will open up their own spirit and they will be able to know if the loved one has made an entrance because of the vibrational changes that they will feel.

This can be very emotional for someone that is getting a reading and the communication needs to be used for good.

A medium can help you to have closure in your life and can help you to heal and to grow. If you have a medium that gives you a message from your loved one that has died, know that this is a gift for you.

The message that you get form your medium can help you to feel better in your life and can help you grow and move forward.

Psychic versus Medium

A medium is always a psychic, but a psychic is not always a medium. A medium can have the clair giftings such as clairvoyance or other gifts. They are able to talk to the spirit world and they can do this when they increase their vibrations and the information from the spirit will then come to them.

Psychics are able to get information sent to them through different ways, but they are not able to talk to the spirit world like a medium can. If they do, they most likely do not have the giftings that a medium has, and they might need to train more in order to be able to make a connection.

The difference between a medium and a psychic is the way that they get the information. A medium will get the messages through signals from the person that is there for the reading. The messages are normally things that have to be translated for the client.

A psychic is someone that is able to connect with other people through their emotions and feelings and the information can come from the past, present or future and they can get information on things such as jobs, relationships and other things surrounding the client’s life.

When psychics do their readings, they are able to give you messages because they read you through your aura and through your emotions and a medium relies on messages from the spirits.

Kinds of Mediums

There are different kinds of mediums just like other careers. The most known are physical mediums and mental mediums. Most mediums are mental mediums, but some are a combination of both.

Mental mediums are able to use their skills through their clairaudient gifting and this means that they are able to hear the voices of the spirits through their mind and their feelings.

A physical medium is one that is gifted in clairsentience and they are able to actually feel the medium and they can tell what they looked like and how they acted when the spirit comes into the room.

Both types of mediums are able to communicate with the spirit world and they are able to give different kinds of messages. A spirit can give you all different kinds of information, depending on what the spirit brings.

What it Feels Like to be a Medium

A medium can have intense conversation and communication with the spirit world and so it can be very draining. These people have to have boundaries set in their life and they have to practice and know how to turn their gift off when they need to rest. Some mediums that are just starting will not be able to turn off the chatter and they will always have the spirit world coming to them and communicating with them rather they want them to or not. This can cause them to be tired and stressed out.

Some mediums have learned to control their giftings and to only turn them on when they want to use them. Some mediums will have physical pain such as headaches or stress and anxiety when a spirit is trying to come forward.

Sometimes the reading can be very emotional, and it can be hard for a medium to keep their emotions in check. They might become excited or overwhelmed during a reading.

Why Get a Mediumship Reading?

If you are having a hard time with someone that you love dying or if you need closure, getting a mediumship reading can be very useful for you. These can be very intense and personal, and the messages can come and help you to heal and help you to move forward in your life.

If you find that you are very sad or you are having a hard time getting through your grieving, getting a reading can help you to communicate with the spirit and to have closure in your life.

The healing can be amazing and can help you to know that the world is an okay place and that your loved ones are okay.

One thing to know is that readings can be strange because the spirit world is not on the same time scale as we are. If you have an understanding of what you are doing in the spirit world, you can understand that healing can come to you and you can realize that your journey is good.

Preparing for a Reading

When you want to get a reading, you have to know that you need to have an open heart and mind when you go to it. Do not be afraid and learn to feel safe. The spirit world only wants to come to bring you peace and not harm.

Take time before the reading to meditate and remember that you, the medium and the spirit are involved in the reading and the spirit may or may not come.

Fake Mediums

You can tell if a medium is fake by the information that they give you. A real medium will not ask you to give them information. You will just give them small things like a name and when they died. This is just evidence that a medium needs to call the right spirit. This can help the medium to connect to your loved one.

Chances are when you get a reading that there will be details that only you know from their former life. Maybe they will give you a sign that was just between the two of you and maybe they will give you information that you can validate without question.

Communicating with Your Loved One

During your reading you can talk to your loved one like you did when they were alive. There are some things that you will see when you get a reading such as:

  • Positive emotions will be there because the medium wants you to feel love from your passed on loved one. Your loved one will be there to tell you that they love you and to give you a chance to tell them goodbye.
  • If you are feeling guilty, this is a time where you can tell your loved one what makes you feel guilty. They will help you to resolve your guilt and to move on in your life.
  • If you are mad, you can deal with this now. Maybe you never got to say goodbye or maybe their death was something you didn’t get to talk about.

If They Don’t Come

Chances are that your loved one will not connect with your medium. This is a chance you take each time you go to a reading. When this happens, you need to make sure that you do not leave bitter. There is a chance that your loved one will connect with you later in your dreams or through signs.

Spirit Communication

A medium will help you to communicate and if you go for a reading, you need to be prepared to talk to them. You might get a message from your loved one and then when you do, you can communicate with them about things in your life or questions that you have.

The first time you connect with them will make you feel connected and close to them. The reading can also open a door for your spirit to come back and communicate with you.

After you communicate for the first time, you might not have to call them anymore or go to the medium to get them to communicate with you. There is a possibility that they will come to you and communicate with you. If your room temperature changes out of nowhere or the lights flicker on or off, trust that your spirit is there to communicate with you.

When you lay down to dream, open your heart and your mind to communicate with your loved one and then you might get more messages than you ever imagined.

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