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A Medium’s Guide to Communicating with Spirits

A Medium’s Guide to Communicating with SpiritsBefore trying to communicate with spirits, we must know what they are and more importantly, what they are not. This is not a world that everyone believes in, but for those that do, an understanding is important.

What are Spirits?

Spirits are ghosts and ghosts are spirits. These are usually the first interaction people have with the spirit world because ghosts are stuck on an earthly plane. We can “bump into” these ghosts at any time, but they re most often felt at historic locations.

There is never a reason to be afraid of a ghost because they are incapable of causing harm. They can give you a weird vibe or feeling when around, but that is about it. Spirits did not cross to the other side for some reason, so they are still trying to operate on earth, which makes it possible to communicate. While our spirits move on after we die, some are tethered to the earth for some reason and get stuck.

Why Communicate?

Wanting to learn how to communicate with spirits can be helpful if you are also willing to listen to the message. If you move through the fear, the spirit world can be a beautiful wealth of information. This requires connecting to a higher vibration to connect with a loved one. As you connect to this energy, you can receive life assistance and healing. There are different ways to connect with the spirits. Some find spirit guides that help them throughout life.

How to Communicate

Anyone is able to connect with spirits if they want to do so, but you must be willing to tune into the higher vibration and listening, creating a connection. There are a few things to know about connecting though.

Avoid Tools

Stay away from tools if you are new to connecting with spirits. A pendulum or Ouija board opens the door to any type of spirit and can be overwhelming.

Focused and Listening to Your Gut

Focus on who and what you want is important. This helps focus your energy in the right direction instead of sending out a random signal to any spirit in the area. If your spirit guide is trying to reach you and connect or send a message, you will feel it at a gut level. Keep the mind quiet and trust personal instincts.

Quieting the Mind

Quieting your mind is different for different people. Some meditate, others walk in nature, some sit in silence away from technology, it is your choice. A quiet mind is where your spirit guides can find space to meet with you.


Spirits can communicate through dreams as well. This is most common when people first pass away as a way to demonstrate they are safe and okay.

Writing Practice

Writing meditations can be helpful to some. Light a white candle, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Say out loud that you would like to work with the highest of vibrational guides that are available and ask them a focused question. Relax your hand and allow them to write through you. This can go quickly.

If you are still struggling to connect, try not to be too stressed out. This is a practice, not an instant connection. Keep trying and eventually, the connection will come.

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