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A Paranormal Psychic


What is a Psychic?

Psychics are those of us who accept that, in the scheme of things, our time in this world is no more than a short journey. We are aware that  we belong to something far greater than what is perceived in the physical world – and hard to measure by normal rules of existence.

Only by opening your mind to what is not immediately before your eyes can you truly understand how magical life can be, and how – truly – anything is possible.

The psychic world and the normal world

We as humans are programmed to believe only what we can see and what we can touch: everything in our world has to be solid to be believable.

But think about this: there is a whole range of color spectrum called ultra violet, which has always existed around us, but only through the use of modern equipment have we become aware of its existence. Birds can see this color spectrum without difficulty and to them it is real, but our eyes are not evolved enough to enjoy this beautiful sight  – and yet it exists around us every day and is very real.

Now if this ultra violet light  has always been there, without us knowing, then why can’t it be the same for a different kind of existence to be be present too? One that our senses have not yet become aware of?

A psychic’s view

From a psychic’s perspective,  there is no difference between this world and the next, and the powers that control them are as natural as the sun, wind and clouds that control our weather. We may not fully know where they come from, but we accept they are there and vital to our lives.

A great deal of what a psychic does is achieved through sensing and accepting that which is not easily visible or sometimes even understandable to the majority off people. Actually, this is a skill everyone possesses but few allow themselves to trust.

Haven’t you ever had the experience of feeling someone was behind you without hearing or seeing anything, and then turned around only to discover someone had silently entered the room? This is referred to as “sensing a presence” and it is very similar to what psychics use to connect to spirit or tune into the higher power which makes this fantastic universe work.

Defining the paranormal

 “The paranormal” covers many fields outside that lie normal everyday life: it can include Tarot Card readings, Angel readings, Spiritual guidance, Clairvoyance, Clair audience, Clair sentience, Medium ship, Reincarnation and much more.

The paranormal is a name given to things for which we have no obvious explanation and that appear to go against the normal everyday rules of this world. For some people such phenomena is dismissed as rubbish or fake, but for those of us who understand that in our short lifetime we may never get to understand the full mysteries of this world, we accept paranormal happenings as just another part of the bigger picture.

Psychic and Paranormal

To understand the connection between psychic ability and the paranormal, we must understand that the latter –  and all its possibilities – will never amaze a psychic, because a genuine psychic will have opened his or her mind to the fact that anything is possible, and in the workings of this universe nothing is truly paranormal.

Mankind is still learning about the universe and while we venture out into space to seek new life in its many forms, strangely enough we have, in most cases, not yet opened our minds to the possibility of another world existing parallel to ours here on earth. Isn’t it about time that we did?

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