Being Connected to a Deceased Soul

Being Connected to a Deceased Soul

When your loved one dies, it might feel impossible for you to feel connected to them. Death can feel like the end and the connection might not ever seem the same. Saying goodbye to a relationship that has ended is painful, but did you know that even if someone has died, it doesn’t mean that you can’t contact them anymore?

The connection that you will have between someone that has died and the person that is grieving over the death changes, but it doesn’t have to end. You can figure out how to continue to connect with a loved one, even after death.

Even if it has been years since your loved one has died, know that you can stay connected to that person and you will see that the communication can be strong.

Communicating with a Dead Loved One

You can still communicate with someone that has died. You can do this by sharing stories about them with people and by writing them letters. You might have a stranger that talks to you about something that brings up a memory of your deceased loved one, talk to them about it. Another way that you can stay connected is by just talking to them. This could be something that can help you to work through times that are hard in your life.

Another way that some people try to stay connected is through journaling. When you are emotionally distraught about losing a loved one, take out your journal, go out for a nature walk and then write. Write and let peace come into your life.

If you are a poet or you are good at writing, write these things down in your journal. Do this so that you can feel strong towards them and so that you never forget the memories that you share with them. You can even share memories on social media about the loved one that you have lost.

You can even take a certain place that you loved to be with your loved one and always meet them there to talk to them. This is one way that you can stay connected to them. Maybe this will be their grave or maybe it will be in a room in your home that you loved to sit together or a favorite vacation spot. It’s completely up to you.

Show Their Values and Morals

One thing that you can do is to practice the morals and the values that your deceased loved one followed. If they were thoughtful, be thoughtful if they were funny, try and be funny. Interact with other people the way that your loved one would have interacted with them. Do this in your everyday life.

One of the best ways that you can connect with your dead loved one is to look at the values that they had and use them each day in your life. If they were kind, be kind and generous to those that you meet. Be kind to people that you know and those that you don’t know. Try to be as kind as your relative and this will help you to feel closer to them.

Take time to ask, “how would my person have acted if they were here?” Do this when situations come up and try and reflect on them and respond like they would.

Wearing Their Items

You can wear something that your loved one used to wear to make you feel closer to them. This can be a piece of clothing, a hat, a piece of jewelry or something else. Wear this when you miss them and see if it makes you feel closer to them.

Some people will wear a scarf and gloves that their loved one used to wear or even try on their perfume so that they can bring back memories and feel that they are being supported by their loved one.

Volunteer and Give

You can give and volunteer your time in their name. Doing this will make you honor them. You can look at your loved one that has died and make a legacy to them while you are giving back to people that are in need. The charity could be something related to how they died or some kind of cause that they really believed in.

Celebrate Special Days

You can celebrate special days that they loved when they were with you. Celebrate their birthday, their anniversary, or a special day that you enjoyed with them. Grief doesn’t have to always be so sad and when you learn to connect and celebrate with them, it can bring you some kind of joy in the heartache.

If you have a loved one that is buried close to you, go there, and celebrate with them. Take flowers or balloons, eat a cake graveside. Talk to them, share the moment with other people to make it even more special.

Final Thoughts

You can connect with a loved one that has died, and it can help you to get over grief. Reflect on their life and honor them by thinking of great memories that you had with them. Grief is something that everyone experiences at one time or another and it is something that you have to get through.

You can decide how you want to celebrate them but when you do this, find joy in the heartbreak that you are feeling. Just because the person died, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop thinking of them or stop loving them. Do what you can to have peace.