8 Indicators Your Child May See Ghosts


Baby-reaching-out-to-spirit-1Watching the movie “flick Casper The Friendly Ghost” as an adult gets me thinking about what kids are actually able to see. Dear Mom, have you ever seen your kid speaking to an imaginary friend? Every parent has at some point. It’s a pretty normal part of growing up process that indicates a child is tapped into his or her imagination. As a matter of fact, you, as a parent, WANT your child to have a creative thinking and it’s always a sign of their development, so you need to listen to them and know what their unseen friends look like.

As you may know, children tend to break up with their imaginary friends at a certain age. However, there are some signs indicate that those imaginary friends your little one’s been playing with could be visiting ghosts….

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Indicators your child may see ghosts

  1. Does your child have a long history of sleeping troubles, started in infancy and toddlerhood with interrupted sleep through the night.
  2. Does your child frequently stare off into empty space, blank walls, or windows.
  3. Does your child talk about “people,” “monsters,” “animals,” etc. that you cannot see.
  4. Does your child talk to you about individuals and beings that are invisible.
  5. Does your child have conversations with “nothing.”
  6. Does your child share their food and drink with non-existent beings.
  7. Does your child suddenly get nervous and scared in public places, often looking down and averting eyes
  8. Does your child come running to you fearfully while playing alone with no obvious reason

Does this sound like your child? If so, there are many things you can do to support and help them protect themselves.