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Can Children See Ghosts? – Check Out the Signs

images (39)When I watch the flick Casper The Friendly Ghost as an adult ​it gets me thinking about what kids are actually capable of seeing. Moms – have you ever walked in on your kid speaking animatedly to an imaginary friend? Every parent has at some point. It’s a pretty normal part of growing up that indicates a child is tapped into their imaginative thinking. In fact, as a parent, you WANT your children to think creatively and it’s always an encouraging sign of their development to listen to them describe what their unseen pals look like and say.

As we now know, children tend to break up with the friends in their head after a certain age. However, there are some theories floating out there that insist that those imaginary friends your little one’s been playing with could be visiting ghosts….

think your child can see ghosts? here’s a list of the most common signs that a child can and is seeing those in spirit.

 9 signs your child can see ghosts

  1. Baby-reaching-out-to-spirit-1your child has a long history of sleeping troubles, usually starting in infancy and toddlerhood with not sleeping through the night.
  2. your child frequently stares off into empty space, blank walls, or windows.
  3. your child talks about “peoples,” “bats,” “monsters,” etc. that you cannot see.
  4. your child talks to your about individuals and beings that you cannot see.
  5. your child points and talks about animals that you cannot see.
  6. your child has conversations with “nothing.”
  7. child-sees-ghostsyour child shares their food and drink with a seemingly non-existent being.
  8. your child suddenly gets nervous and scared in public places, often looking down and averting their eyes
  9. your child comes running to you fearfully while playing outside with no discernible danger

If this sounds like your child, there are things you can do to support and help them.

You can teach them how to protect themselves.


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