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Changing your mantra can change your life


We talk to ourselves every day. It’s only normal. It’s part of our nature as humans. The thing is to tune ourselves in to what we are saying and if the message we are spouting is positive. As we know, words are powerful. As long as we know were are talking to ourselves, we have to ask
What’s the message
Once we know the message, it’s actually quite easy to reshape them to help us change our lives and outlook. Take a moment to examine what you are saying. Is it a positive message or is it a negative message masquerading as matter of fact statement? It may seem petty, but how do you talk to yourself?

Your mantra can shape your mood and strength

Have you been telling yourself the same thing over and over for years? If you have, it may be time for a change. Just as you have changed over the past few years, so have your psychological needs.


Ask yourself a few questions to see if you need a change:

  1. Are you happy?
  2. Are you healthy?
  3. Are you using your creativity in a satisfying way?
  4. Are you enjoying your life?
  5. Are you having fun with your friends?
  6. Are you financially solvent?
  7. Do you like your job?
  8. Do your friends treat your well?
  9. Can you handle a crisis?
  10. Do you set aside resources for the future
  11. Are you self-assured?

It is no accident that there are 11 questions. Eleven is the number that is linked to enlightenment.  If the answer to any of these is no, then you need to change your message so that you can grow stronger.

A mantra is something you can say to yourself out loud or in your mind.  It is always a good idea to have a stock of positive things you can tell yourself when you need a bit of peace in your life.

Each mantra can serve a different purpose.  If you can’t seem to find a solution and have tried your hardest, a good mantra might be, “Make it work.”

images (6)If you are feeling overwhelmed and overwrought, you can just tell yourself, “ I am bigger than my problems.”

If you are prone to panic, you can say, “Today I will live in the moment.” to help you get focused.

If you are facing a challenge, you can remind yourself of how hurdles and obstacles make you rise higher than you imagined.

Remind yourself take care of yourself and be kind.

Strength and Positivity

Our worlds are full of noise. If we use them properly, mantras can help us filter through this noise so we can grow through our strength and positivity.  It is the best way to take care of ourselves, mentally and spiritually.

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