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Channeling Your Loved Ones

How do you know if a psychic really knows what they’re doing and actually can reach your deceased loved one? If you have ever watched a medium channeling a spirit, you know it is an emotional and supernatural event.  You can discover what what goes into this process and learn how a psychic makes contact with spirits.

What Is Channeling?

Love psychics make contact with outside realms by channeling.  Channelers can transverse the veil between the two worlds. Some can maintain relationships with otherworldly spirits while others can only communicate once or twice. Each experience is different.  Sometimes the psychic has control and sometimes the spirit wants to have the upper hand. Channelers are very similar to mediums.  Both connect with entities in other worlds, but psychic mediums communicate with specific spirts while channelers  allow different spirits to connect with them.

How Do Different Types of Channeling Work?

The most common type of channeling is called conscious channeling. During this, mediums remain conscious and alert throughout the transaction.  This type of channeler can remember their communication with the spirit world.

Some psychics can participate in deep trance channeling. This creates an intense experience because while the psychic is a deep and highly meditative state the external world is blocked  The psychic will tune out the rest of the world and begin to connect with the otherworld.  Since the psychic may not be able to remember what happens during the trance, she will ask another who is present to record the messages that come through.

Mental channeling is common and some psychics have the ability to participate in physical channeling. This involves, the production of  lights, movements, temperature changes, and even voices.

How Can Psychics Contact Loved Ones?

Gifted psychics can contact loved ones by channeling through any of the aforementioned methods of channeling.  Even if you can reach your loved one they may not answer specific questions.  Instead they can pass on messages that your loved one wants you to hear.  These tend to be loving and supportive.  This can help give closure if the death was sudden.

If you wish to communicate with someone who has passed, talk to an experienced psychic medium for more information.

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