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Communicating With Loved Ones from The Other Side

Death is Not the End

deceased loved one 1For more than 20 years of providing reading, one of my favorite is when a client ask me to connect with a loved one who have passed away. Because of this amazing experiences I encounter, I have no more doubts that the spirit doesn’t die.

I am always amazed when I am in the middle of giving a reading and the spirit of a family member or friend comes through and wants to communicate. Often these spirits will express thoughts or feelings they did not or could not express while in their physical bodies or they may want to express their love and reassurance that they are OK and always around to provide help and comfort. Their existence is proof that there is life after physical death.

deceased loved one 3Validation or confirmation from a spirit on the other side is the most assuring part of a reading. Deceased loved ones will talk about an event, a birthmark, scar or even an item in the possession of the person who is having the reading. These validations not only make the person receiving the reading feel better, but they also let me know that I am giving an accurate reading and that my predictions are correct.

These types of spirit communications can bring mixed feelings of joy and sadness. But ultimately, there’s a great feeling of peace when the spirit brings through information known only to my client. These communications bring tears or heartfelt laughter. As the medium, I can only bring forth the messages the spirits choose to tell me and in the manner and way in which they want it conveyed. It’s always interesting!

deceased loved one 2I am sure that the people we love and hold dear are always with us. Love transcends all time and space. Love is the most powerful gift from GOD and it knows no end. This is why the spirit continues—as they did in the physical plane, they exist in the heavenly plane, to watch over, give comfort, wisdom, guidance, encouragement, a gentle nudge or a loving scolding.

Some of my most favorite people to work with are those who have crossed over to their new life in spirit. It is a blessing and a privilege to bring the messages of your deceased loved ones to you!

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