Talking with the Dead


Whenever we lose someone we may have some questions. Perhaps we feel that the dearly departed have some unfinished business.   We may feel lost and hopeless because you can’t reach out to your  loved one.  This is perfectly normal.

Mediums can reach out to those who have passed on so that the ones who are left behind can get information or simply reassurance.

Some mediums are especially gifted in this area, but what should you expect from a session?

1) First of all, understand that that there is no guarantee that your loved one will be reached.  Perhaps they just don’t want to talk or are not in a realm where they can be contacted

2) Mediums can’t just direct dial your loved one; there are many others they must search through.  If you think about the number of people who cross over daily, you will have a better idea of how much energy a medium has to go through.

3) The length of time since death may affect their ability to be located.  The may have been permanently passed over or be set for another journey through life.  If they are set to reincarnate or take over as an angel, they may be unreachable

4) Every medium has their own process. Each one receives their information in different ways. Some use cards or other tools to help them reach out.

5)  You should be prepared with a picture of your loved one, something to write with, information about the death, and have tissues or a handkerchief, in case you are moved to tears. The more information you have, the better your chances of communicating.

6) Let your medium know if the person who has passed died a violent death.  This can greatly affect the energy of the deceased. That, too, can affect the contact.

7) Do not rush your medium. They will need time to adjust. You are allowed to ask question once they get started.  Once again, the medium can not just connect with the spirit world like plugging in to a switchboard.

Things to know about the departed

Once someone has moved on to the next plane of existence there is no pain or fear.   There is no hate or negativity. They will feel peaceful and love and light.  Even if the person was unsettled and angry in their life hear, they will feel peace in the next world.  If the deceased died unexpectedly, they may not be ready to communicate with the medium. Going into a trance can be dangerous.  Only a medium with experience should do this.   A novice may encounter dark energy.   Communicating with the deceased is serious business. You should never demand something from the dead.  Casual contact through Ouija boards or spirit boards is discouraged because it generally takes a skilled medium to close the spirit door once it has been opened.    There is existence after death.  If you wish to contact a loved one, consult  a medium.