Contacting Your Spirit Guide


Do contact your higher power every single day? Some people connect with a spirit or deity several times throughout the day as they go about their lives.  The reason for contact can be anything, support for protection, for guidance, for help with relationships, some even contact their spirit guide for help in business matters.

To reach this level of comfort in connecting with a guide spiritually you must create a real and meaningful relationship with the deity or entity from whom you need help. To do this, you should work with these spirits mindfully.  Anyone can ask for help from the spirit realm.  We can all connect with with spirits for guidance and assistance.   We can do this by being open to the spiritual connection.

When you ask a spirit for help, you should trust that the help you get is the help you need.  You must call on the most qualified of the spirits to help you.  You should be in a trusting and open state of mind, spirit and being.  That is what helps you feel the trust and support your spirit guide will give you.

It should not feel difficult to connect with your spirit guide.  Communication should be easy and you should  feel that it is with in your reach. Just relax and trust that your guide will help you. It is easier for you to retain your openness if you are calm.  Open up your mind so your energy can flow through you via the crown chakra.  This may take some practice so that reaching out to your spirit guide will become as easy as picking up the phone to call a friend.  Once you achieve this level of comfort, you can reach out for help anytime, anywhere.

How to prepare

Make sure your environment is comfortable and there is ro om for you to relax before you try to reach out to your guide. Make sure you have every thing you need around you, such as water if you get thirsty or a blanket if you get cold. Make sure the lights are low and if you candles or aroma therapy helps you relax, make sure they are there also. Make sure that your phone is off and that you will not be interrupted or otherwise disturbed before you try this for the first time. If you are new to this, ten minutes before the kids are due to be home from school is not a good time to start.

Reach out to the right one

Just as you would not invite just anyone into your home, be as cautious with your spiritual self as well. Think of it this way, the universe is filled with an eternity of spirits and energies. Do you want the wrong kind of spirit just wandering into your thought space?  Be specific and call the right kind of energy to you. If you want guidance and love and spiritual education, ask for it!

Be clear with your intentions

You are more likely to get your needs met if you ask  for a specific thing.  If you want romantic guidance, ask for what you really need, not just an ambiguous, “I want an adventure”.  Remember, being lost in a snowstorm is an adventure, just not necessarily the one you are asking for. Once your spirit knows what you want, set your intention. Your guide will be aware and they will be able to contact you more easily.

You should  also be as interested in them as you would like them to be with you.  Just as you would want with your physical relationships, conversation needs to go both ways.

Relax to receive

When you are ready to reach out. Relax by closing your eyes and centering yourself, just as you would in meditation. Breathe slowly in and out, being mindful of your inhalations and exhalations.  Stretch and relax into your breathing. Get your relaxation  in tune with your breathing until you are totally relaxed and have natural rhythm.

When you are at the point in your breathing when your mind is still, focus on the stillness. You can do this by concentrating on a point inside your head. Some like to focus on the their third eye or their crown chakra.  Keep focusing on that point as you breath.

When to ask

Once you are relaxed and open, you can ask your spirit guide/guardian angel or whoever you would like to reach for help in the problem areas of your life. Be specific and open to hearing their response.  You can ask your guide to give you a sign that they have heard you.  It may not be immediately apparent what that sign is, but you will more than likely get some kind of sign that they are present.  You can also ask them if they have a message  for you.

Say thank you

One you are comfortable and feel that your connection is finished, remembr to thank your spirit for the help and guidance and release them back into the spirit realm.

Angels and spirits

Our guardian angels and spirit guides were given to us early on.  You can have more than one.  Your angel could be on of the archangels.  Your spirit guide may be a soul you knew in this or a previous life who is here to guide you as you learn your spiritual lessons.   Your spirit guide can work through you with your intuition to help keep you safely on your path.  The angel and the guides my come to you in your dreams to help reassure you.

Be careful

One of the reasons you need to keep your intentions clear and focused is that there are a number of other energies besides our spirit guides and guardian angels out in the universe. You want to take care that you don’t accidentally call on a mischievous or evil spirt into to your world to guide or “help” you.