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Connecting to a lost loved one

When we lose loved ones as young children, we can find ourselves surrounded by unanswerable questions.  Why was our loved one in pain? Why didn’t recognize them fully the last time I saw them? And where did they go?

Death is a hard concept for many people. For a child, it is especially confusing.

As we process our grief, we want to see our loved one. We want to make a connection so that we understand  where they are and if they are safe and happy.   Some of us get the great gift of hope if a loved one reaches back to us after they have passed on.  This connection is a great reassurance to us.

Connecting to a lost loved oneThere are those who have the gift of speaking to both worlds. These special people are called mediums.  We can consult a medium to help us reconnect  with our loved one.

How to connect:

  1. Just speak. It can’t be any simpler. Visualize the person or even hold something that you associate with them.  Direct your conversation to them as clearly as if they were in front of you. This should be done in a place where you can focus on them and be uninterrupted.
  2. Use their belongings. If you have a personal item of theirs, hold it and ask them to reach out to you.  Ask any question you like.  I have a friend whose loved one reaches out by opening the lower left draw of their desk. This usually happens when she is having a frustrating day. It’s as if they are reassuring her with a quick sign.
  3. Dreams. When we dream, we can move between many stages of our existence.  Once you start reaching out to your loved one, start paying attention to your dreams. Your loved one may start reaching out to you.  You can keep a journal or notebook of your dreams so you can keep track of them.
  4. Contact a medium. One of the best ways to make is a connection is to get the help of someone with experience. But be sure to do your research. Find a trusted medium to help out.

How to prepare to work with a medium:

Be open to hearing from anyone in your family who has crossed over.  This may involve some research into your family tree. Open yourself up relatives and friends. Some people have even reported pets reaching out to them.  Be prepared for anything.  Ultimately you can be reassured that your loved one is still with you and cares for you.  Some of our loved ones are even working as guardian angels for us.

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