Connecting to a Loved One That Passed

Connecting to a Loved One That Passed

Your loved one’s spirit never dies and when you feel their energy, you might get sad, or you might continue with your grief. Most people want to know that their loved one is okay and that they are comfortable and happy. If you are feeling down or sad about your loved one that passed, you might want to connect with them.

Having a Spiritual Connection

There are different ways that you can connect with the spirit world. You can do different things such as writing a letter to them so that you can tell them what you are feeling. You can show them that you love them and that you miss them. Make sure that you write everything that you are feeling and that you are being detailed so that you don’t leave anything out.

You can talk to them like they are with you, and you can tell them everything that you are feeling from your sadness to the thankfulness that you have for the time that they were with you. Another thing that you can do is to plant a garden in their memory. You can find a nice planter, or a box and you can put their picture on it.

You can also do a memory box that you will add with memories of them and then you can bury the box and then when you feel sad, take time to sit around where the box is buried and think about them.

Another way that you can have a spiritual connection with your loved one is to talk to a medium. A medium is a psychic that is able to connect with the spiritual world.

Love and Hope

Your loved ones can give you signs anytime that they want to. You might find a feather or a coin or you might have a smell that reminds you of them. Some people will hear songs played on the radio that were their songs.

If your loved one had a favorite animal and the animal keeps showing up, it could mean that your loved one is trying to give you a sign. Your loved one wants you to know that they are okay, and they want you to be happy while you are on the earth.

If you want your loved one to communicate back with you and you feel that you are lost, try to be more aware of your own intuition and your own spiritual senses and try to talk to them. You might be surprised at how fast they answer.

Moving Forward

It can be hard to move forward once your loved one dies but your loved one will want you to do this. This doesn’t mean that you are a terrible person, it just means that you need to live your life and be happy. Your loved one knows that you love them, and they want your happiness to be the top priority.

You need to move forward when you are ready though and you don’t have to listen to what other people say and when other people think that it is time. This is totally up to you. You can talk to people around you for encouragement and advice.

If you need to reach out to your loved one, just talk to them. Talk to them like they are with you, and this can bring comfort to your life. Tell them about what makes you happy, what you are feeling, how your heart is hurting and ask them to support you.

The Soul Never Dies

There is a high vibration in the spiritual world and so when you have a higher vibration it can help you to reach the spiritual world easier. As your vibrations are stronger, it will give you a stronger frequency like a radio signal. This will allow you to receive the messages from your loved one that you want to get.

Know the thoughts that you have and make sure that you are being positive. Keep your thoughts strong and think of the good things and good times that you had with your loved one.

To make your vibrations even stronger, you can meditate, and this will help you to be more positive. As your heart grows and heals, you will raise your vibes.


As your vibrations rise, you will increase your intuition. This can help you to have stronger emotions of love and care. You will use your memories and your love to help you be aware of your spiritual vibrations.

If you hear something or you see or smell something that makes you think of your loved one, they are probably there to show you that they care about you. Take time for them and make the connection stronger.

Final Thoughts

As you live your life, make sure that you understand that you can benefit from communicating with your loved one. They will speak to you and if you open up your heart, you can hear them. If you need to talk to a psychic or a medium, find one that you can trust and connect with them. They can help you to move forward and to connect with your loved ones that have passed.