Connecting With Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

We all have the ability to call on spirit guides. Most of us have many spirit guides in our energetic space already. These nonphysical beings want to support us on our life path. They are called by many names, angels, power animals, deities, universal spirits, and more. If we learn to listen to these spirit guides, they will share wisdom and refresh our perspectives so we can see situations differently. We can rely on them to give judgment free guidance without expectation. They may even share an energetic transformation in our subtle body. These guides can be called on for things like balancing chakras, transmuting vibrations, and cutting cords. They tend to conspire to help us gain lessons that lead us toward certain realizations. Spirit allies can be supportive in the big and small situations. They can help navigate everything from finding a parking spot to finding hope in overwhelming times. These guides work hard to protect us and give confirmation we are on the right pathway in life.

Setting Boundaries

As humans, we can invoke the presence of spirit guides as well as communicate with them to receive support. We can also ask them to step away or back off if we are feeling overwhelmed or just uninterested. Some guides may come into your life just for a time, but you have a right to determine who enters your energy field.

Depending on which of your senses are the strongest, you may experience your spirit guides in different ways. Some feel them physically, while others sense them spiritually or emotionally. You may feel the need to turn and look over your shoulder or like someone is sitting beside you even though the seat is empty. Intuitively, you are feeling someone there. Others may feel a moving energy in their auric field or see the guideā€™s aura. Some can hear a ringing in their ears, pressure in the third eye, or even vibration in the body when a guide is close by. Even some scents can be a sign that reminds you of a plant ally or ancestor.

You may find confirmation in repeating signs, numbers, symbols, or names. This will be something that comes up repeatedly and has a deeper meaning. It is up to each person to tune in and interpret each message as it comes. Alternatively, you may be meditating and have a vision or hear a voice that is a download from a spirit guide. You may speak of act spontaneously without thought. This is the spirit guide asking you to quickly take action so something does not occur.

It is up to each person to decide who you want help from and who you are comfortable with in life. If there are certain deities you were comfortable with as a child, then they may be trying to connect. It is possible to meet these spirit guides, which is discussed in the next section.

Meeting Spirit Guides

There are a few ways to meet your spirit guide. One is to create an alter of offerings for the guides. This is a ritual about becoming intentional in spiritual practices. It helps us be present in the moment and raise vibrational levels to that of a ceremonial space. You can create the altar with plants you have found in nature, candles, crystals, or smoke medicine like sage or incense that has been sustainably harvested. You may also use a drum, singing bowl, or rattle to set the space with the right vibration. A photo of an ancestor or deity you want to invoke can be added as well.

Since our words and thoughts are powerful, speak from the heart to bring the guide into conversation. Guides can only help when we call on their presence and once you do, let them know you are ready to heal. Tune in with awareness, but without judgment or expectation. Let your mind be still because it may take time to connect. You will not stop thinking, but let each thought come and go as it happens, without engagement. Observe what comes up with neutrality. The space between is when we hear our intuition.

Believe in the experiences you have and you can begin to have feelings, visions, and inspiration. These may be subtle, but keep a journal of all that happens. This will allow you to see patterns over time and build trust in the experience. Give thanks to the guide for being present when you have received an intuitive message. Express gratitude toward them and allow your appreciation to radiate. Once you have listened and acknowledged, let the guides confirm the message through oracle cards. After the deck is shuffled, chose a few cards at random and allow them to inspire direction. Jot down in your journal what cards you pull and look for similarities in what messages you received. Your guides will always nudge you in the right directions for your best life.

Questions to Ask Your Spirit Guides

  • What are you here to help with?
  • What can be shared about my past life that is helpful?
  • How do I recognize your presence?
  • What lessons do I need to learn from this meeting?
  • Which gifts or strengths in myself should I be aware of?
  • What sign will you provide when I am on the right path?
  • How can I fulfill my life purpose?

You do not have to have a problem to contact your guides. The more welcoming you are for your guides, the more likely you will recognize their presence and support. With practice, you can invoke and feel their presence quickly and with great conviction. Keep at it and your guides will be close at all times.