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Making contact with a loved with thorough a medium

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Coping with grief is a terrifying experience. Hundreds of people have been helped by psychic mediums.  Those who are grieving can be helped by receiving messages from their dearly departed. Not only have the grieving been helped, but they have also had their lives changed.  When we are assured that our loved ones are well and happy, and are still by our sides, we can move on with our lives knowing that the ones we love guide us.This is especially true if we feel that we have unfinished business, such as unresolved conflicts and other regrets. Reaching out with a Psychic Media allows us to get peace of mind and move on to a place where we can relish the good times we had with them.

People can be simply satisfied by the knowledge that they are not alone and that they are truly feeling a spirit presence. Readings from mediums can help us reach spiritual growth and understanding.

Psychic mediums can sense and make sense of the messages of the departed.   Contrary to how they are portrayed in the media, messages from the dead are communicated in different ways.  Some hear the messages, others see symbols. Still others can see symbols or draw pictures. Some actually smell the scent as they feel the presence  in the room.

There has been reports of people smelling something impossible, like pipe smoke in a non smoking building, as the feel the presence of the deceased.

aether__oracle_of_delphi_by_amaterasu1960-d2oxxxeHistorical Mediums

Throughout  human history, there are those who communicate  with spirits.  Ancient Greeks regularly used mediums.  The God Apollo had shrines such as the Oracle at Delphi where psychic mediums communicated with spirits.

These mediums were hand selected as those who lived a superior and blameless life. These mediums were elite members of society who used scared vapors to reach out and receive messages from Apollo. This high priestess would receive visitors from thousands of miles away in order to communicate with the spirit world.

One noted case from 630 BC involves the king of Thera.  He was told to make a colony in Libya. Because he did not know where it was, he chose to do nothing.  The subsequent drought in his land brought him back to the oracle.  He was again told to go to Libya. It wasn’t until his third visit that he actually did what he was told. After this visit, he prospered.

The Old Testament also speaks of communication with deceased prophets for guidance.

Spiritualism and the use of Psychic mediums were popular in the nineteenth century. Seances were held in either the medium’s home or the home of wealthy benefactor.  Here, the spirit would communicate by rapping out a yes or no response.  Spirit writing was also common.  The spirit trumpet came to be quite popular.   When the spirits were communicated, voices of the dead would come through the type of trumpet that the hard of hearing used.

Spiritualism gained a great deal of popularity after Mary Todd Lincoln held seances to reach out to her departed son.  This continued until shortly after World War I.

amd-houdini-jpgNot all celebrities were fans of mediums.  Famed magician Harry Houdini made it his mission to expose some fraudulent mediums.  However, he did leave hope, by giving his wife a message should he be able to reach out from beyond the grave. Thus, his wife held seances for a full decade on the anniversary of his death.  Three years after he died, the medium Arthur Ford delivered the message. Mrs. Houdini verified that this message was correct.

Around this time, actual training camps for spiritualist came about.  There was Camp Chesterfield in Illinois that is still in operation after a century. Rigorous training and testing takes place here. This allows for the testing of true skills and gifts.

The Work of the Psychic Medium

Mediums can have their gifts from childhood, or their gifts can manifest after they become adults.  A common belief is that everyone has the inherent ability  to receive messages from spirits. Several people say that they have experienced strange things after losing a loved one.  This includes hearing a song on the radio or finding coins in impossible places.   Some people have had dreams where they loved one reaches out to them with a final message.  This tells us that we all have an ability to receive messages.

Some mediums who have been gifted since childhood tell stories about imaginary friends.  These mediums have overcome the stigma of being called a fraud and a quack to focus on developing their gifts to help people.  This type of medium can usually connect with the departed right away.   They will let you know what to expect and that your particular spirit may not be ready to reach out.

Once the medium has made contact, he or she will help you get verification that the spirit is present.  As the reading continues and information is received a regular  communication is established.

Is a reading right for you?

Sometimes a departed loved one leaves us questioning ourselves. We can miss them to the point of distraction.   Our departed loved ones want us to be happy and some want to make contact.  They want us to put aside our grief and take comfort in knowing that they are still with us.   If you find yourself in need of making contact, consult a medium to help out.

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