Contacting Spirit Guides

Contacting Spirit Guides

Contacting Spirit GuidesThe spirit guides are wonderful allies that grant protection, vision, and even courage as we navigate unseen realms. When we forge a relationship with these beings, it should be seen as a fundamental practice in spiritual development. A myriad of spiritual energies surround us at all times so it is of benefit to hear what they are teaching to aid our human experience.

We are simply spiritual beings that are in a human experience so being intimately connected to guides can provide hope, strength, and direction as we continue on in our path. Getting to know guides is easy, a natural experience, it only takes an open heart and strong listening skills. They are always near so we need to be clear channels to feel their love and guidance.

Guide Types

There are several types of guides in place to ensure that we can evolve spiritually. The most common types of guides, spirit guides, are shared below.


Angels are the most trusted and prevalent spirit guides who are devoted to humanity at large. Archangels have the ability to be in multiple places at once, but guardian angels are for individual services.


Devas are earth energies that cohabitate with humans. These include fairies, air or water beings, and even tree spirits.

Power Animals

The animal kingdom is full of wisdom waiting to be recognized. Shamanic cultures us these animals as totems for power. Being able to embody raw animal attributes can leave us feeling courageous, focused, and even transcendent.


Ancestors are the most likely to assist us at first because of the love and connection to them. They will act fiercely and protectively for those in their blood line. In African tradition, these people are highly honored, but not as often in the west. This is somewhat foolish. Those who achieve enlightenment dedicate themselves to assisting humanity to ascend. Those such as Buddha, Jesus, and even Metatron may readily appear when we are in meditation.

Contacting Spirit Guides

Even though contacting spirit guides is easy and readily available, few of us remember the ability exists. A gentle loving heart will call out to the spirit guides and draw in your request. Beneficent forces are best used in communication, as will be described below.

  • Set the mood by lighting a candle and clearing the clutter to create a peaceful place. Place objects that hold power, like crystals or sacred objects, in the area. This creates a ritual space while amplifying intentions.
  • Set a clear intention of who you wish to contact and what you need.
  • Be patient with yourself as you enter with no expectations. Trust that a divine energy will be at work around you.
  • Relax and breathe deeply to bring yourself into the moment. If stressed, stretch or lie down to cause your body to relax.
  • Clear the space so that you are protected and bless yourself and the area. Envision a cleansing white light that washes away all but the highest good. When this is done and you are ready, invite a message in.
  • Chant, using Om, seven times in order to align with the divine, this helps with connection.
  • As you relax and chant, you may feel your light body magnetically attracting spirit guides or angels. Focus on the light body and envision yourself walking into another dimension where you will meet with the guide.
  • As you enter this space, invite the spirit guides in and share your clear intention with permission to join you. We must explicitly offer permission or a connection is unlikely.
  • The messages you receive may come in different forms, smells, visions, thoughts, or even simple impressions. Pay attention to everything that you feel.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for a sign for reassurance. Be open to receiving that sign.
  • We must ask specifically for what we want. Ask for a message or blessing as you desire. We cannot get what we do not ask for from the spirit guides.
  • When finished, make sure to offer thanks for the guides goodwill.
  • When leaving the other dimension, go back the way you came in. If you cannot find the path, ask the guides for help. They can help you leave. It is important to leave the way you came in so soul fragmentation does not occur. Take time to fully return to your body as you write your experience or nap. Whatever you choose, be gentle with yourself. If you feel off after these encounters, eat, walk, or enjoy nature to bring you back.
  • Enjoy the sacred space daily, or at least often. Going once and never returning shows lack of regard. Go to ask questions and to share blessings. This regular communication grows the relationship so eventually we can gain messages without the ritual.