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Crossing the Veil: When Does Spirit Stop By?

  When Your Deceased Loved Ones Visit You

1In order for a deceased loved one to visit you, a great deal of energy must be expended on their end – coming down to the physical realm, shifting their energetic vibration so they can be felt, moving objects or making noise if they can, etc. Since it takes so much energy for your deceased loved ones to visit – your loved ones want to make the most of their attempts to connect with you. To ‘make the most of their visit’, your deceased loved ones have a few ‘optimal’ time frames, where connecting with you, sharing with you their love and support, and assisting you on your life journey – would be most valuable, accepted and noticed.

A Biblical Reference

4The Bible articulates a phenomenon that might be used to understand this concept with deeper insight. The New American Standard 1977 Bible says, “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst.” If the realm of the sacred is the home of the deceased, then speaking of the deceased in company may have the effect of summoning the sacred parts of their beings—the soul, spirit or Higher Self. This subtle element of the departed self may attempt to contact us when we, as living beings, cross that veil. Some ways we might achieve this are through meditation, prayer, devotional practices, and sleep, when we enter the Otherworld, across the veil and into our dreams.

Revelations From Sacred Realms

Amazingly, even the living may wish to communicate with you in this way, especially if you are far, or if it is difficult to contact you in other, more conventional ways. Also, if there are unresolved tensions or secrets around you, the spiritual aspect of an individual may initiate a resolution in this way. Additionally, a still-living but lost pet you believe to be gone forever may appear in a dream and reassure you that it will return, or even tell you where to look. Many problems may be solved through revelations from the sacred realms.

A Premonition

You may encounter both deceased people, beloved pets and other animals through these spirit visits. They may have messages for you, or simply wish to visit in order to express their continued love or care for you. Once I dreamed of a friend of my grandmother’s who told me, “This is what it will be like when I’m dead.” I woke up puzzled and called my grandmother immediately. She had just found out that her friend had died that morning.

3A Creative and Human Approach

It is important to practice with focused intention if you wish to enhance and increase these abilities and visits. Sharing memories of the deceased aloud with another person, regular meditation and trance work are just some ofmany possible approaches to crossing the veil and contacting the deceased. Accessing the realm of the sacred is ideally undertaken with a creative and humble approach.

Spirit Visits While Sleeping

If you wish to focus on the potential of your dreaming self, writing your dreams in a journal can rapidly and massively increase your dream recall capabilities. This will aid you greatly in remembering these spirit visits. It is simple for anyone to start this process. Simply lie still and quiet for a minute or two upon awakening to devote a little bit of time and attention to your dreams, staying present with and honoring them. Try to remember if there is a shred of a dream, or one image, symbol or individual that you feel you’ve just been with. Write down whatever you remember, no matter how small.

5If nothing comes to you, write how you’re feeling. It might be a clue to where you’ve just been—swimming on a tropical island, having tea with your beloved deceased friend, running from a tiger in a forest, or rushing to complete an exam you haven’t even studied for! The focus on the dream realm will tell your subconscious that you value its support, you’d like help, and you’re open to messages. Something may even appear to you in the day that will flash your memory back to a dream fragment. Be patient with this practice, and with yourself. It’s important to trust that you will start to remember things.

You never know who might come to reward you with a spirit visit!

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