Crossing to the Other Side

Crossing to the Other Side

People often wonder what is going to happen to them when they cross over. Some will read books and watch videos so that they can understand what death will bring them. A person that is dying will sometimes report seeing their bodies floating above them like an out of body experience. They will hear the doctors trying to bring them back to life.

These people have also reported being able to see their family in the waiting room. If they have been in a coma, they might know that people are in the room with them even if they cannot respond. They might be able to see the gifts and flowers surrounding them and have comfort by the soft music playing in the room.

The out of body experience that these people have can be read about. Sometimes they say that they saw lights and that the lights made them feel comfort and they wanted to go towards it. They might also feel their guides or their angels with them.

As they go through the light, they are comforted, and they see their family, friends and animals around them that they had while on the earth. Everyone is going to die and if they pass through life fast or if they have something bad happen to them such as being murdered, it can be hard for people to accept.

What Do Psychics Believe?

Psychics believe that when a person dies a tragic death that they will transition to the other side slowly and they will still feel the love and care. As the soul moves and adjusts, they get a chance to look at their life. If their soul has caused pain or has committed any crimes, it can cause them to feel bad in the afterlife.

They will know that the pain that they gave to others will come back to them. This is how they learn in their next life to have love and compassion for others. They might not understand the pain that they have caused others will come back to them, but it will, according to psychics.

If a person was kind and loving, then it is thought that in their new life that they will be treated well, and good things will happen for them. They might wake up in their new life with a great body, being rich, having power and fame and getting the chance to live the best life.

People should never live their life in hopes of having the best life in the world but to treat others with love and respect. The way that your soul lives should be for goodness and for kindness. The family soul group that you have in your afterlife will be where you reincarnate back to.

As you reincarnate, you will see that as you go from life to life that you will be different each time. You might be a mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, daughter or son. You might come back in different jobs such as a doctor, teacher or lawyer.

Psychics believe that when you die that things will be different for you in the next round, and this has to do with karma. This can help people to make better decisions in life and to learn to teach others kindness, love and compassion.