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Handling the loss of a loved one

There are people known as mediums who can help reach across the gap between the living and the dead.  These people are called gifted.   The real benefit they give is by comforting those of us who are left on this side.  They bring peace of mind and serenity.

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There are famous mediums who are making the job quite well known. Tickets for “shows” or medium galleries are selling out all over the world. This is because true spirit communication is a gift and lovely to behold.   Here are a few ways that mediums can help out as you process through your emotions

Mediums give messages

It is well known that mediums help prove that the soul lives on after we pass through this plane of existence.  They do this by connecting with the souls energy. They communicate this back to us with validation such as facts of their past lives.  The validation is wonderful.  But even more important, they can bring along comforting and uplifting messages from our dearly departed.

It has been reported that meeting with a medium is more encouraging and comforting than regular therapy.   The combination of meeting with a medium and a grief counselor can be comforting and bring a sense of connection with their loved one.

There are  number of examples of comforting messages from a loved one. A woman sought a medium to reach out to her deceased husband. The medium communicated that the husband thanked his wife for the card she had left him at his grave site. The wife was reassured and felt happier.

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A medium can help you get closure 

Sometimes we don’t get a chance to wish our loved ones a fond farewell before they pass away.  We can be left feeling guilty and alone.  In cases like this a medium can definitely help. Saying goodbye to your loved one can bring you closure. Plus, you can always talk to your loved one on your own.  You can talk to them out loud or in your head.  They will be able to hear you.

You can get peace of mind

Many of us have wondered if someone we love has moved peacefully over to the other side.  One of the most common things people ask a medium is to get in touch to see if their loved one is happy and safe.    Almost all of the time worries are laid to rest when they find out that their loved one is not in pain and that they are happy and carefree.

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