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Dealing With The Loss Of You’re Loved One

Spiritual mediums can conquer any hindrance and help bridge the gap between the living and the individuals who have passed.  Most people refer to them as “gifted”. The genuine blessing and the real gift though, is in helping the individuals who are grieving, and bringing them peace of mind and true serenity. This article will clarify somewhat about what mediums do and how they can help people who are having a hard time coping up with the loss.

Famous mediums like John Edward, Theresa Caputo, and James Van Praagh have made mediumship more mainstream than ever. In fact, tickets for mediumship galleries (where a medium speaks to a large group of people all at once), usually sell out very quickly.  True spirit communication is beautiful, gentle, and loving.

Here are some of the ways that spiritual mediums can help if you are dealing with the loss of a loved one:

1. Spiritual Mediums Carry Messages from Heaven

Every day, mediums across the world give validation that our souls live on after death. The way they do this is by energetically connecting with those who have passed away and bringing forth validation of their existence such as their:  personality, physical appearance, favorite hobbies, etc.

This is all wonderful and very inspiring, but the most important (and fulfilling) job of spiritual mediums is to pass along messages from the Other Side. Messages from heaven can be uplifting, comforting, and even funny.

Working as a medium myself, delivering messages from spirit is always my favorite part of the reading.  There is something magical that happens during this part of the session where it feels like there is a bridge between the two worlds where there is no separation from death.


Loss Loved One 1While we are mourning the loss of our friend,

others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil

– John Taylor

Many people actually report that a session with a trusted and legitimate medium brings them more comfort than years of therapy.  (Of course, if it is on your heart to see a grief counselor, you should absolutely do that as well.)

For many folks, just knowing that their friends and family in heaven are watching over them brings a sense that they are still connected with their loved one.

Here’s a great example of a message from a loved one in heaven:

A wonderful woman named Mary came to see me for a reading after she lost her husband, Bob.

During our session, Bob showed me images of a cemetery, and his wife leaving a greeting card next to his grave site.

I explained to Mary what I was seeing and she was very happy.  Turns out, the couple’s anniversary had just passed and Mary had indeed left a card for Bob by his headstone!

Bob wished his wife a happy anniversary, and Mary was comforted knowing her beloved husband was still watching over her.

Loss Loved One 2

2. Help Bring Closure

Unfortunately, we don’t always get to say goodbye to our loved ones before they pass away.

In times like these, spiritual mediums can give you the opportunity to hear from a family member or friend one more time.  This brings some people a sense of closure.

And know this – you can always talk to your loved one.  Whether you choose to talk to them out loud, or in your own head, rest assured…they can hear you.  You don’t need to wait for a medium to do this.

During readings, I’ve had many folks ask, “Can you tell my loved one (insert whatever the message is here)?”  I always tell them the same thing… they can hear you, so say whatever you need to.

Loss Loved One 3

3. Peace of Mind

If you are wondering if your loved one had a smooth transition to the Other Side, you aren’t alone.

Many people seek out a reading from spiritual mediums in order to get peace of mind that their loved one is no longer suffering.  I can’t tell you how many of my first-time clients contact me for this reason.

Even though it’s natural to want that peace of mind, please know this:

In all of the readings that I’ve given, and all of those that I’ve witnessed being given by other mediums, every person in spirit has expressed how happy they are.

I’ve had spirits relay messages that they are dancing again, pain free, and even that they no longer need their dentures!

They are always smiling and surrounded by other family members and even pets in spirit.  Yes, our pets go to heaven, too!

I hope this article has helped you understand a little bit more about what spiritual mediums do and how they help others.

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