Do You Naturally Channel?

Intuitive Channeling

Have you ever felt like you were able to speak into the spiritual world? If so, chances are that you are someone that is a spiritual channel. You might be a person that is able to speak of divine love and to connect with the infinite. Instead of just being there, you are able to give guidance and love to those on earth and those into the spiritual level.

Channeling is when you are able to allow things to flow through you such as creative energies, healing, messages of love, divine light and more. The most common type of spiritual channeling is intuitive channeling, and this is when you are able to get messages out of nowhere and they flow through your intuition. Some don’t even realize that they have this gift.

Intuitive Channeling

Intuitive channeling is often mixed with your own thoughts and your intuition and so sometimes people miss this gifting. These people are often clairvoyant or clairaudient and the spiritual senses that they have flow through them naturally.

Depending on what kind of channeling that happens to you, you might be able to use it to heal others and you can use it to reach your higher self. You can live in a path of alignment and enlightenment and have an open heart so that you can reach into the spiritual world and allow the energy to work through you.

Are You a Natural Channeler?

There are some signs that you might have in your life that will show that you are someone that is able to channel naturally. Here they are!

  • Knowing Things Without Logic

One sign that you might be a channeler is that you have information flowing through you and guidance that is there to bring love and comfort to others, but you don’t know where this comes from.

This kind of guidance might just come to you when you’re around someone and the knowledge just goes through you. When this happens, you will be able to know that you’re speaking truth even though you aren’t sure where this truth comes from.

This is also a form of discernment that you can have that can help you to recognize when you should act and speak.

  • Insight Comes from Inside

Another sign that you might be channeling is that you have sudden insight that comes from inside of you, out of nowhere. This is something that you just remember even if you don’t recall from where. This is guidance from a source from outside.

It can feel like you just got a flash of guidance, and it can come to you instantly.

  • You Inspire Others

Inspiring others can be a sign of being a channeler, especially if the inspiration comes from a place that you aren’t sure of. Maybe you are standing amongst people and ideas just start to fill you.

This can be something that you’re aware of or it can come from your mind and can bring encouragement and love to those around you. This is a powerful skill that comes to some without them even realizing it is happening.

Another level of this is that you might be in a situation or know someone that is, and you automatically know that everything is going to be okay. This can be inspiration that comes from wisdom that is in you and it can bring healing.

  • Comfort is Normal

Instead of having to come up with something to say to people around you, you just are a normal comforting people. You are able to uplift people and to bring comfort to them. You are able to give messages of love and inspiration and they just flow out of you naturally.

Channeling is often giving messages of love and wisdom to those that need some kind of guidance in their lives. Once you recognize that you are doing this then you will be able to center yourself as you use your gift.

Choose to be open to this channeling and it will allow love to flow through you. This love and encouragement will flow out of you and into those that are seeking help.

  • Strength in Creativity

Intuitive channeling often comes to those that are creative. They are sometimes people that love art, music and anything that brings out their creative side. This energy can come in different ways, and it can inspire themselves and others.

Do you stand around and just come up with creative ideas? This can be a flow state and it can come from your conscious mind to the point where you can use your creativity to write things that help others or to create some kind of artwork that inspires people to live better life.

  • Light and Energy

Not only are you able to help others but when you are a natural channeler you can use this light and energy to bring healing into your own life. Notice your wisdom and your positivity. There is an energy that is flowing through you that can make you feel like you’re alive and make you feel that you are full of joy and healing.

As you open up your heart to this you can use the energy field of this positivity to bring light and healing to yourself and those around you. When you talk to those around you and they need your guidance, you might be able to use your energy flow to help them to work through their problems. Even if you aren’t speaking you can send this energy to others.

  • Wisdom Beyond Words

Do you feel that sometimes you just know things and you are wise beyond your years? The words that you speak might allow others to have alignment in their life and to have the divine love that they need to be healed.

This kind of channeling happens with some effortlessly. They can enter into a state of wisdom and light and they can get the insight and guidance from the spiritual world that they need.

Final Thoughts

If you have experienced the things above, then chances are that you are a natural channeler. This means that you can use your gifts to help yourself and others. Keep your heart and mind open and make sure that you are intentional in your love and your guidance for others.


  1. The article offers a comprehensive overview of spiritual channeling. It’s interesting to note the diversity in forms of channeling such as intuitive channeling and creative energy flows.

  2. I find the idea that inspiration and wisdom could be channeling particularly thought-provoking. Could there be a psychological rather than spiritual explanation for these experiences?

  3. The concept of channeling as described in the article is intriguing. It appears to be a blend of intuition and spiritual connectivity. I wonder about the empirical evidence supporting this phenomenon.

  4. The signs of being a natural channeler are quite detailed. However, how does one differentiate between channeling and simply having a strong intuition?

    • Indeed, it might be a fine line. Channeling could be seen as a more intense or clear form of intuition, possibly involving external energies or influences.

    • That is a good point. Intuition and channeling could overlap significantly. Perhaps further study or personal experience would be necessary to determine the difference.

  5. The emphasis on creativity and light in channeling is fascinating. It suggests that artistic expression and spiritual experiences are closely linked, which could have significant implications for understanding human consciousness.


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