Famous Mediums and What They Did

Sally Morgan

There are many famous mediums all around the world and in this article, we will discuss ten that are very popular.

Noreen Reiner

Noreen is one of the most famous mediums because she began to lecture in the police force in 1981. She worked with the FBI and is known as the “Psychic Detective” and has worked over 600 cases.

She flew different places to help solve homicides, even into her late 70’s. Noreen sees herself as a tool that investigators can use and is very humble about what she does.

Vicki Monroe

Vicki has worked with the detectives and is known for helping to solve high profile murder cases such as the murder of Amy St. Laurent who was killed in her Maine home. She is considered a very famous medium and helps to find people that have been murdered.

Vicki holds a PhD in holistic healing and has much experience in healing people.

Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan is considered a very loved psychic and she saw spirits even as a girl. She believes that she got her giftings from her grandma and was tested and tried to be a new psychic from Dr. Schwartz and is one of the best mediums around.

Morgan became a famous psychic in 2007 and was on UK TV in the show “Star Psychic.” She has given many famous people readings including Princess Diana.

Concetta Bertoldi

Concetta is someone that is famous and is very gifted in clairsentience. She wrote a book called, “Do Dead People Watch You Shower?” and is known to be very fun and funny. She has written many books and is part of the British royalty as a politician and is very caring.

Sonya Fitzpatrick

Sony ais famous as an animal communicator and she has been on many shows to communicate with animals. She connected first with her dog a terrier named Judy, and this is when she knew she was gifted in this gift.

She lives in Texas and has many animals.

Bill Phillips

Bill is a medium and knew as a young boy that he had different powers. He was able to explore the death of people that had died such as his mother. He loves being gifted and is called a next generation psychic.

Janet Nohavec

One famous medium is Janet who spent many years as a nun. She left and begin to reach out to spirits and is known for starting a church called “Spiritualist Church” in 1996 and then became a pastor of Journey Within Center for Spiritual Evolvement.

She teaches and does mediumship. She lives in New Jersey.

Rita Berkowitz

Rita is a certified medium and studied at the Arthur Findlay College in England. She is also an ordained minister and an author.

She loves to be inspirational and will teach classes on mediumship. She is a great medium artist and has many talents.

Thomas John

Thomas is a medium that is looked for by celebrities and has been on television many times. He has chosen to embrace his intuition and has predicted the death of people such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

Joanne Gerber

Joanne is a famous medium from Boston and is known to drive to teach classes that are far from her. She is very famous with her students and she has been on many television shows such as “NBC Weekend Today Show” and was proven to be a real psychic.