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Gaining Your Better Self by Psychic Channeling

About Channeling

Channeling is simply making yourself open and receptive to the energies around us and letting them move freely through you. This is a way for the spirit world to engage in non-verbal communication with humans. It can also help you become more in tune with your own consciousness.

You can discover more about nature and yourself through channeling by seeing your own life from a different point of view. Channeling can also help you access the information to help you grow spiritually. It can help you connect  your intuition and to your spirit guide.

The Ways to Channel

Psychic healing, seances and automatic writing are all forms of channeling. Even the harmless, mass marketed Ouija board is a way to channel.  Channelers use meditation to close out the conscious world.  Each channeler mediates  and communicates in in a different way.  Some channeling is conscious, which means the channeler is fully aware of what is going on.  Through clairvoyance, images are the main source of communication. Clairaudience means the channeler hears sounds or voices. In clairsentience, a spirit presences is sensed.  Physical channeling is done thought a deep trance.

The most famous channeler, Edgar Cacyce could only communicate with the spirit world when he was in a deep trance.

The Purpose of Channeling

Channeling is used to bring about a higher level of personal growth.  People who use channeling can achiever greater personal development and become happier as they become more clear about their choices and their life path.

Why should you channel?

Channeling can bring about clarity.  We live in a complicated time and it’s hard to understand our own life path.  Channelling can give us a connection to the spirit world to get perspective on our lives.  Channeling can give us answers from inside our selves.

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