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Knowing the Archangels and Their Deeds


Archangels have the unique ability to be in several places at once.  They are our guardians and they are here to help ups with our problems. Their guidance helps us grow, and though they can hear our thoughts, we should not hesitate to speak to them. They will guide us when we ask them.

There are many different archangels. Here is a list of them and how they can help us:

  • Ariel is the protector of animals. He also heals and helps. He cares for the elements of the Earth. He is associated with the color pink.
  • Azrael is the angel associated with protection.  He comforts those who are sorrowful and those who are grieving. He guides souls in to the afterlife and his energy color is pale yellow.
  • The angel Chamuel is a servant of God. He calms those who are anxious and helps find lost things. He is the guardian of peace and helps end strife.  The color pink is connected to him.
  • The angel Gabriel is well known. He is a messenger and will help you if you feel trapped. He is connected with mercy. The color of his energy is copper.
  • The archangel of virtue is Haniel.  He guides people who are seeking fulfillment. He is associated with the joy found in pursuit of a relationship with God.  His color is white tinged with blue.
  • downloadThe angel Jeremiel helps souls and is the guardian of visions and dreams.  He is the messenger for god and hel helps those who are troubled and discouraged. He is connected to the color purple.
  • Jophiel is the angel who is the beauty of God.  He helps people think of beauty so that they may discover the beauty in their soul. His color is magenta.\
  • The angel Metatron may have also been Enoch, the prophet.  He is a helper of children and is very powerful.  His colors are pink and green.
  • Another well known angel is Michael.  He is strong and a defender of all God loving people. Royal purple is his color.
  • The archangel of healing is Raphael.  He is a healer of body as well as of mind and spirit. The color is green is connected to his energy.
  • The angel Raguel’s very name means the Friend of God. He brings in harmony and is a guider of justice. His color is light blue.
  • Raziel the angel is called after the Secrets of God.  He assists people in hearing God’s guidance and finding spiritual insight. The rainbow are his beautiful colors.
  • The Angel of Glory, Sandalphon, may also be the prophet Elijah.  He is associated with the healing properties of music.  He helps musicians use music to heal. The color turquoise belongs to him.
  • The angel Uriel is the light of God. He brings the truth of God to light a way out of confusion.  Red is his color
  • The Righteousness of God is the angel Zadkiel. He gives people the courage to come to God for mercy.  He does this by letting people know that God truly cares for them.  His color is dark blue.

Angels are highly evolved beings who want to help.  They are more willing to help if you are willing to meet them halfway by trying to help yourself.  Once you have put forth the effort they will help you with their guidance.

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