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Getting to Know the Archangels and What They Do

0f07b7b80f88e108a67081cc2047d6b7Archangels have the ability to be in many places at a time. You should not feel that your “problem” isn’t important enough to bother them with.  That is what they’re there for, to help you grow.  They can hear your thoughts, so don’t hesitate to speak to them. Archangels always want the best for you. It’s like they have an emergency button that you can push anytime to get guidance from God.

Here is a list of the archangels and how they can help you improve certain areas of your life:


Ariel is the helper, healer and protector of animals and the environment. Archangel Ariel cares for the Earth’s elements. Pale pink is this archangel’s energy color.


Azrael is the angel of protection. Azrael helps those in sorrow and also helps those who help the sorrow-stricken. The process of moving into the afterlife is part of Azrael’s work. Pale yellow is this archangel’s energy color.


Chamuel serves God. He eases anxiety and helps locate things that are lost. This is the archangel of peace and love who helps sort out turmoil. Pink is this archangel’s energy color.


Gabriel is the archangel of mercy and revelation. Gabriel is a messenger. If you ever feel trapped, call on Gabriel to help you get moving again. This archangel’s energy color is copper.


Haniel is the archangel of virtue. This archangel directs people who are searching for fulfillment and is the source of all joy. Haniel helps you to stop looking for joy in your circumstances, and start looking for joy in pursuing a relationship with God. This is the path to truly lasting joy. This archangel’s energy color is bluish white.


Jeremiel is the helper of souls and the archangel of dreams and visions. He communicates messages from God to people who are discouraged or troubled. Jeremiel’s energy color is purple.


Jophiel is the beauty of God. This archangel helps people learn how to think the beautiful thoughts that can help them develop beautiful souls. The energy color is magenta pink.


Metatron is believed by some to have been the prophet Enoch. He helps with children and  is a mighty force. He is one of my main archangels and he is always with me. His energy colors are green and pink.


Michael’s name means “He Who is Like God.” He is exceptionally strong and he protects and defends all people who love God. His energy color is royal purple.

download (1)Raphael

Raphael is the archangel of healing. He helps to heal body, mind and spirit. His energy color is green.


Raguel’s name means “Friend of God.” He aides in harmony and guides you to act in just ways. His energy color is a pale blue.


Raziel’s name means “Secrets of God.” This archangel helps you hear God’s guidance more clearly in order to gain deeper spiritual insights, understand esoteric information, and pursue clairvoyance, alchemy and divine magic. The energy color for this archangel is rainbow colors.


Sandalphon’s name means “Angel of Glory.” Many believe that Sandalphon is the prophet Elijah. He helps musicians and music that is used for healing purposes. He rules over the music in heaven. His energy color is turquoise.


Uriel means “God is Light.” He shines the light of God’s truth into the darkness of confusion. His energy color is red.


Zadkiel means “Righteousness of God.” He helps people approach God for mercy when there is something wrong. He lets them know God cares and will be merciful to them. Zadkiel’s energy color is dark blue.

Archangels are incredibly sweet beings who always like to help. But the chance for help from above is greater when you have already made some effort to achieve something yourself. They’re not there to be used while you sit back and relax. Effort has to be made. Then they can help and guide you by putting the right thoughts in your head.

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