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Guiding Yourself Through Life

Guiding Yourself Through LifeThe soul doesn’t speak the human language, but it communicates with us through signs, symbols and even songs and poetry.  The soul is too powerful to use the human language and there is too much knowledge in it to be that simple.

Most of us do not know how to be in tune with our souls and we find ourselves relying on our mind to figure out what is going on.  It is hard to figure out facts and logic and then to still find inner peace.  When we are missing inner peace, we fill it with other things that are distracting to us.

Sometimes when we experience bad things, we have a habit of missing the signs that our soul is trying to show us.  We stop trusting and we doubt what we are feeling.

We need to learn to be in tune with our inner gut and our inner voice.  Doing this can be life changing.

Soul Communication

Soul communication isn’t just for psychics and mediums, but it is for regular people.  Everyone is born with a gift and these gifts are part of soul work.

When you are ignoring yourself and choosing not to be connected to your soul, you realize that you are missing out on life and you learn that you are not able to get rid of negative energy that has haunted you.  Most people never truly become who they should be because they are always seeking and not finding.

You have to understand the signs that your soul is trying to show you so that you can learn to communicate openly with your soul.


One of the best ways that our soul communicates with us is through dreams.  In ancient times, dreams were messages from gods, and they were considered to be very important.

Healers now agree that dreams are messages that are supposed to show our destiny.  Dreams can be reflection or insight to what the future holds.  These can be ways for the spirit guides to communicate.

Pay attention to what you dream and write them down.  Does anything stand out to you?  Write down what impression the dream left on you.  Why do you think you had that dream?  Dreams can be symbols and you have to learn to interpret them.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is when you know you are dreaming while you are asleep. This is a spiritual symbol and can be a way for you to explore the spiritual realm.  When this happens, it can be rare, and you have to take advantage of it.

This is a gift that not everyone gets to experience.  If it happens to you, take it as an opportunity to explore yourself and others at a deeper level.

Numbers and Word Repetition

Seeing numbers and words repeating can mean that the spiritual guides are trying to communicate with you.  These are considered confirmation and can mean that your soul is trying to tell you something.

No matter what kind of term you give these signs, they can be a wakeup call for you.  Why would they be so significant if they didn’t matter?  This is a sign of soul communication, so pay attention.


Everyone has come across an animal.  Each time you see one, pay attention to see if there is a sign.

Keep in mind that each animal can show you something different.  Not all animals have a meaning, but you need to go with your gut feeling.

If you feel that you are supposed to pay attention to a certain animal, do it.  If you see the same animal every day, this could be a sign that they are trying to communicate with you.  Pay attention to how it sounds and how it behaves.

If you have a bird that is always flying by you or making a sound when you go by, pay attention, it might be an animal messenger.

Special Events

If you have events that happen to you that are not ordinary, this could be events that are trying to give you a message.  When things happen and you feel that they are strange, pay attention to them.  See if you feel that your dreams are coming true or that you are being communicated with.

Things don’t happen by chance and the soul will make things happen so that you can get answers.  You don’t have to force things to happen.  If it is your soul trying to communicate, it will be smooth.

Gut Feelings

When you feel something, but you don’t know why, don’t ignore it.  Your gut can tell you something from out of this world. This is called intuition and is your inner voice.  It will be calm and make you feel centered and never afraid.  This is important to know because intuition is different than fear.

Intuition is voice that communicates with you and tells you to try something or not to do something.  This can be your soul talking to you.


When you meditate, you may see something while you are calm and relaxed.  This can be a vision of something that your soul wants you to see.

When you meditate for a long period of time, it can be a new experience.  It can be mystical and can cause you to have visions that occur.  These can be from your spirit guide.

Sometimes, people will get a song or a poem in their mind and they can even hear words or chatter.  This can be special and repetitive and can be a sign from your soul.  Pay attention to it.

Speaking to Your Soul

There are ways you can communicate with your soul and you can do this by talking to your soul and telling it what you are feeling.  Thank your soul and pray that you will have a good day and that you will hear more from it.

Talk about what you want and desire, ask questions and always thank your soul for communicating with you.

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