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Have You Ever Lived In The Past?

    Do you believe in past lives? People have been debating the veracity of reincarnation and their are many theories for and against it. Some people believe that we live different lives over and over until we fulfill our mission of enlightenment. Even if it takes hundreds of years.

You may have experienced a feeling of visiting a place or living a situation before you have actually been there. This phenomenon is called deja vu, and it is quite common.   Some believe that this experience is proof that past lives are real.  If you think you are experience the remains of a past life, here are a few things you can look out for.

Fears That You Cannot Explain

If you find yourself afraid of something that you have never had a connection to, you may have had a trauma in past life and it has followed you to this one.  To get past these fears you may need to consult a spiritual advisor or someone experienced with past life regression therapy.

Multiple Déjà Vu Experiences

While the afore mentioned deja vu is indeed common, you may have many experiences with the feeling. If you have recurring experiences at the same place you may have encountered it in a past life.  You may also have recurring dreams about this place.   This may be a sign that you have lived a past life.

Are Your Dreams Confusing?

If you are unsettled or confused by your dreams, it may be that your subconscious is trying to connect your waking sense of deja vu with  your past life.  This is especially true if you encounter someone you know in this life but they sound or look different in your dream.  This could mean that you knew them in a past life.

Specific Talents Emerge

You may find that you  have an interest in something that doesn’t fit in with your background.  You may have a sudden interest in a type of art or have a talent for music or dance even though you have never had a lesson.  This may be directly connected to a past life.

Just as you have limitless potential in your current life, there is no limit to who you could have been in the past.   Even if you are going through a hard time in the present, you may soon reap the rewards of your past life.

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