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Helping a Spirit to Cross Over

Walk into the light

When someone dies, their spirit crosses over to the other side. Sometimes,however, the spirit does not crossover. They put themselves in some kind of limbo between this world and the next. Each spirit has its own reasons for lingering.  Often it is because they feel that they have unfinished business. This lost spirit will occupy their homes, or the space where they died or even follow the people they love. Generally speaking, most spirits are benign. Evil spirits are rare and require special intervention.

Is it possible to help a benign spirit crossover? Yes.

Untimely Death

If someone dies suddenly, their spirit may not be ready to let go. Maybe the aforementioned unfinished business is keeping them tethered to this world.  They may need to get a message to someone or see a loved one last time before they find themselves in a place from where they can’t communicate.

If this is the reason your  spirit is lingering, you need to help them have their final say.  If you do not have the ability to confidently retrieve this message yourself, contact a trustworthy medium for help.  If you want to try meditation to raise your intuitive energy and channel the message, you can. If the message is important, the spirit may not want to wait. Usually, once they are heard, the spirit will cross over.

suicideDeath by Suicide

A person who feels desperate, lost and alone, they may take their own life. This type of spirit might feel guilt and regret. They may feel shame and unworthy.  This intense feeling of sadness will cause the spirit to remain on this side seeking forgiveness and understanding.  If this is the kind of spirit around you.  Do the best you can to send them understanding and a sense of forgiveness and let them know  that they can move on.

Once they feel forgiven they will cross over.


Sometimes spirits  stay on this side because they are afraid that they can’t face their final judgement. They think their actions are so unforgivable that they will go to hell.  When this type of spirit lingers, their anger at themselves and subsequent guilt will change their energy to dark and negative.  This can directly affect you by scaring you. This type  of spirit should be handled by an experienced medium.  A medium will have some experience with self-defense to protect themselves.

If you have experience in working with helping spirits cross over, and you encounter this type of energy, you will need to make contact as soon as you can. Try and get a member  of their family to verify the information and help you better understand the messages.

mediumIf you are a medium and are called in to help cross over a spirit, the first thing you want to do is make contact with them. It’s helpful if you have a member of their family present who can help you verify what the spirit is telling you.

After they have communicated, a spirit will usually let go and move on to the other side.

If you come into contact with a spirit who absolutely will not crossover, ask for help. the Archangel Michael can be called on to assist by helping the spirit to crossover or protect others from the spirit.

Bottom Line

You can talk to any spirit who has already crossed over.  You can talk to them out loud or by thinking and directing your energy to them.  Even if you don’t get a response , understand that they can hear you .

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