How Important are Your Dreams?


Dreams are both baffling and mysterious.  It can be maddening to try understand them.  This may be due to the fact that the dreams themselves seem to switch meaning from one moment to the next.  Our dreams can be so vivid they must mean something.

Enjoy Dreaming


To help you understand yourself and your feelings, pay close attention to your dreams.  Your dreams can give you insight but also provide you with an escape, sort of a virtual amusement park.  You can learn to enjoy your dreams by journaling or otherwise recording your dreams.  You can also learn how to lucid dreams; this means to be aware of what you are dreaming and maybe even control the dreams themselves.   If you let your dreams entertain you, you can change your mood and add some positivity to your life

A Source of Knowledge

Dreams can provide you with information.  This information is available to anyone who can decode the dreams. We can learn things about ourselves by deciphering what lies in our sleeping consciousness. This is because we reveal our true feelings while we are asleep.

Multiple Levels of Meaning

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Understanding how you associate words or symbols and their meanings, you can start to understand your dreams. Some even dream about an illness before it manifests itself in reality. 

Dream Dictionaries and Journals

You are the only one who can know for certain what you dreams truly mean.  You may find help by using a Dream Dictionary or consulting a dream interpreter, but only you can make the final decision about what your dreams really mean.  This is where a dream journal can truly help.

 Understanding the Message

However you chose to understand or enjoy your dreams, know that they are a part of you and are ultimately connected to your happiness and health.

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