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How long should I wait to get a reading with a psychic medium after someone has died

How long should I wait to get a reading with a psychic medium after someone has diedIf you ask different people this question, you’ll receive different answers. After doing research, I concluded that there is no proper time to wait before getting a reading with a medium despite what other psychics might tell you. If you need a reading, go ahead and have one, it doesn’t matter how long it took since the person passed away.

The main reason why some individuals say you should wait weeks or months to get a reading is that they believe it takes time for a dead person to transform to their new life as spirits. My research into life after death is very different. There is no reason for you to wait that long since there is no time in the afterlife. I do believe in the transition phase where a person transitions from physical death to spiritual return, but not about time.  This transition can occur immediately though it might be hard for the individual in spirit.

I have conducted readings for people whose loved ones died that very same day. In some cases, the people getting the reading weren’t even aware that the person has died already. In some readings, it had been a few days or weeks. In all the cases, the person in spirit came through loud and clear and at peace. This also happens to individuals who commit suicide, people believe that they take long to acclimate which is not the case. Everything occurs immediately. However, when there’s no time, that acclimation that we say doesn’t exist at all.

Having said all that, I think we should get a reading for our well-being. Losing a loved one is traumatizing and grief hits us differently. It might take years or months to heal depending on those levels. therefore, I suggest that people should wait for a few weeks before getting a reading. Otherwise, you might still be emotionally disturbed which is not recommended for a healthy reading.

You’d be safe to get a reading if you can talk about your late loved one without crying or feeling pained. You will cry and that’s normal. But it’s important to note that you need the reading to heal and not to distress. Several psychics are not therapists, therefore, they can’t console emotional clients. To make matters worse, other psychics can misinterpret messages that will only make you feel pain and fearful rather than comforting you. Therefore, it’s advisable to be mentally ready to accept only beneficial messages and disregard messages that don’t make sense.

Therefore, you should wait for a reading for your own’s sake and not for the sake of the dead person. Just make sure you are emotionally prepared to receive the reading. When you feel you are reading at this point, don’t hesitate to get a reading with a psychic medium.

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