How to Not Fall in Love Again

How to Not Fall in Love Again

People often get online for self-healing ideas such as after a breakup or how to forgive others and to live their life. There is no real cure for someone that has a broken heart.

Instead of letting your heart get broken, you can learn to stop trying to fall in love and then you will never have to face any kind of heartbreak that comes with love. You can learn to live your best life by hooking up with someone short term or by not even going out ever.

When you choose to not fall in love, you will win, and you will never have to feel dumb for loving someone and letting them hurt you.

Here are some ways to not fall in love again:

Small Talk

The first thing you can do is to go to Tinder or other hookup apps and meet someone You can find someone that you see as attractive and then not accept them but just pick someone that you find ugly.

Ask them to meet up once they message you.

Dumb Traits

The next thing to do is find traits that you don’t like about someone such as them chewing loudly or them not taking showers. Focus on the things that gross you out the most.

Don’t let them know that this bothers you, just tell them you want to see where things go from here.

Unrequited Love

If you have someone from your past that didn’t show you love back, put them on a pedestal and remember how much they hurt you and how much they compare to the new match. Remember that this person is up to your standards.

Chit Chat

Take time to have small talk so that you don’t get bored and then try to find things that you disagree with them about.

Try to make a conflict with this person.


If you accidently find that you have things in common, avoid talking about these things. Instead of doing that, think about just having sex and not spending any other time together.

You are busy, even if you aren’t, pretend you are.


When this person shares with you, you should close yourself off and not give them an idea that you care. Do not talk about your friends or mix social circles.


Make sure that you tell them that you will put everything from your job to your family ahead of anything that they would ever want from you.

Don’t Communicate

Try to communicate with them as little as you can. When they say hi to you, say hi back but don’t go any further.

If the conversation accidently goes deep, do these things:

  • Be emotional and then don’t answer for the rest of the night.
  • Shrug and look the other way and refuse to talk.
  • Change the subject to something that is just funny.


Be as terrible as you can be. Show off your flaws and show off the traits that you hate the most of yourself.

Drink too much, talk about things that are uncomfortable and talk loudly and burp a lot. If you are good, don’t be this person and choose to be rude and pretend you are better than them. Use sarcasm and flirt with other people.


Make the time that you have with this person all about sex and only about sex. Take what you need and only focus on your own feelings. Don’t let them get close to you and don’t worry about pleasing them.

After sex, don’t ever stay over and don’t hold each other. These things that make you feel good are not good for someone that doesn’t want to get hurt.


Never overthink the situation or the sex or anything that was done or said. If you find that you begin to think about this person, find something else to do and go online and meet someone else for a new hookup.

You don’t want to miss out on a new hookup so get as many as you can.

Stay Cool

Don’t remember this person middle name or their birthday or anything important about them. Keep your memory free for things that matter.


If you find that you start to have feelings for this person, push them all away. Never let yourself think of them or get feelings inside that you don’t want to have.


If you really do want to have a real connection with someone, find someone that will care for you and someone that will give you pleasure. If you choose to never fall in love again, do it but if you do want to fall in love, find someone that will love you back the way that you want to be loved.