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Intuitive Psychic and Healer

Intuitive Psychic and Healer

There are many people that are psychic and have many different gifts such as healers, mediums, psychics and more.  Even though all of those things are psychic gifts, they have differences in their abilities.

Different Giftings

There are differences in each of the psychic gifts that a person can have.  Let us look at what is different about each gift.


A person that is intuitive is someone that uses their right brain to tap into their subconscious self and get information that can help lead them in all life activities.

When you are intuitive, it means that you can find information and get guidance about everything in your life.  You can have personal intuition that can help you and there is professional intuition where people can help others.

People that are intuitive are not always psychic because being intuitive means that you are getting guidance to live a better life and that you are helping others to be their best.


Being a psychic means that you can have multiple psychic gifts.  This means that you can get information and you can also give information.  Some psychics have ESP or Extra Sensory Perception, and this can mean that you can predict the future, talk to dead people or spirits and you can sense missing things.

When you are a psychic, it means that you can sense information that other people cannot get.


A medium is a person that is able to talk to spirits that are in other worlds.  They are able to feel the thoughts and feelings of the spirits and can be receptive to the high frequencies of the energies.


An empath is a person that can feel the emotions of others.  If someone is around you and they are sad, you might begin to feel sad yourself.  If someone is angry, it can make you have the same emotion.  Being an empath means that you are able to feel the pain and thoughts of other people.  This can happen with feelings from the present, past or future.


A healer is a person that is able to see a sickness and see someone as a whole.  They are able to accept people for who they are and to see the illness that someone has in their body.  They can raise the vibrational frequency and align the bodies to healing.

Energy healing is something that has always been around, and it is different for each person.  There are techniques that can be used to balance and keep people healthy.  The psychological and physical experiences that someone has can be invisible to others, but these energy healings can include spiritual healing and physical healing.

Getting a Session

Whenever you get a session you have to have an open mind and go with no expectations.  Listen to the answer that the psychic gives you and be ready to take the information to work on yourself.

Make sure that you find a good reader and one that is in the field that you need.  A reader will give you guidance and it will make you responsible for the choices that you make.

The future is always changing and there is free will and even if you have a reading, it doesn’t mean that the reading will not change based on what you do to change in your life.

A reader is able to reflect the information that someone gives you and interpret it and if you don’t understand something, ask questions and ask them to clarify.  If you don’t like an answer or something doesn’t seem complete, ask them to elaborate.

Mediums cannot make the spirits answer you and it might not be the time you are able to connect with them so do not be upset about this.

Readings are meant to empower you, but you are still the one that is responsible for your choices.

A reader will or should be neutral and they do not give you advice or judgements but just offer you to have insight on the intuition that they have inside of them.  Make sure that you make your own informed decisions when you have something you have to choose to do.

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